Friday, March 23, 2007

I went overboard at YouTube

I've been debating some of the anti-peace protester folks on the vid pages, lately... It was going fine, at first, but what started out as one or two line replies started getting longer, needing 2-3 boxes. (500 character limit). Then today, I got scolded by one of the vid posters (a peace guy, no less) for spamming his vid.

Guilty as charged.

So, I apologised, and sent messages to the three "eagles" that I'm currently "involved" with. This is one of 'em.:

After posting my reply (replies) to you, I realized that the guy who's vid that is (who's on your side, btw) is probably going to blow his top. He was moderating the comments so that folks didn't go nuts & post like crazy... we've been doing.

So, I'm thinkin' that if we want to continue this debate, we ought to find a better forum & stop spamming the video pages. If you know of an unmoderated blog, (preferably one that is read by all sides) let me know. I do have a blog page, but I suspect that few actually read it... OTOH, I'd be glad to have you there to debate if you're willing:

Either way, I'm going to try to avoid doing anymore long form debating on the YouTube pages for awhile... (I was scolded for the same thing at another vid today, too... A guy on the peace side, in that case. I realized he was right, which is why I'm doing this.)

So, either visit my blog or get back to me with another one if you wish to continue, or do nothing if you don't.

My whole ANSWER answer appears below.

ANSWER is a coalition of many smaller groups opposed to war & racism. It was founded by the International Action Center, who in turn, has strong ties to the Workers World Party, a Communist group. (WWP has since split, resulting in a smaller WWP, and a new group, The Party for Socialism & Liberation. PSL stayed with ANSWER, and the IAC/WWP folks went on to form Troops Out Now!

There are Muslim groups involved, but they had no part in founding ANSWER. Several other American & International Communist & Socialist groups are also a part of the coalition, along with civil rights & other left wing progressive orgs, many representing minority groups within the US.

The big question I have is, so what? While some of these groups do believe the US should adopt another form of government (& IMO, too often wastes valuable peace demo time saying so, rather than focusing on the issue at hand) the majority of the people who attend know why they are there, and DO focus on ending the occupation.

While many on the right like to point out the origins of ANSWER & other coalitions, they never bother to explain why these origins are important, or provide any evidence that anyone is being harmed because of ‘em.

(& yeah, I did actually post that whole last bit to a vid. Took 4 boxes. I WAS out of control.)

So, let's see if anyone comes a-calling... I left a light on for 'em...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pro-war counter-protest fails to prove its point - Opinions

Pro-war counter-protest fails to prove its point - Opinions

Let's hope there are a few more articles discussing the behavior of the anti-peace protester folks. The descriptions (& more importantly, the videos) are starting to appear around the web, showing that there was a good bit of thuggery among the pro-war, pro-bush, crowd. If anyone was destroying property (mostly the signs or flags of the peaceful), it was these guys, not the peaceniks.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lost in a Sea of Thugs 3-17-07

YouTube - Lost in a Sea of Vets 3-17-07

I expect this is just the first of several vids that will expose the fact that some of the anti-peace protesters in DC were there to intimidate the anti-war folks with physical violence and destruction of property.

Tried to post the following at this vid, but it's moderated... Let's see if it appears...

The peace protesters oppose US government misdeeds in the hope that they can influence change. The "Peace thru strength" pro-war folks protest against other American citizens, in hope of keeping them quiet.

Just more "Bush the divider" in action.

The Impolitic: Who's protesting who?

The Impolitic: Who's protesting who?

Libby's point about peace protesters opposing government action (the invasion of Iraq, the mistreatment of veterans), while the "pro war" protesters oppose the actions of their fellow citizens (the peace protesters) shows a big difference between the sides. Peace protesters are all for differing opinion (mostly, anyway...), while those that support Bush's misguided occupation want to stifle divergent opinion, much like Bush's unitary government.

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