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X-Post: Donald Douglas - Reading Comprehension - 06/23/2011 Edition

Because sometimes, the urge to attack the individuals and groups one disagrees with and to portray them as eternally and unfailingly "eeeeevil" overwhelms the ability to pay enough attention to understand what the words and phrases mean, and actually get the story right.

Thursday, June 23, 2011, 5:10 PM

Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson, wrote:
"As I’ve said from the beginning of Wilders’ trial, it’s wrong to prosecute anyone for free expression, no matter how hateful and deranged that expression is.

But it’s sadly ironic that Wilders was acquitted of exactly the same kind of persecution he wants to impose on all Muslims; he often calls for the Koran to be banned, advocates that Islam should not be considered a religion at all, and explicitly advocates that Muslims be stripped of the rights of free speech and free religion.

This is the correct judgment by the Netherlands court, but Geert Wilders is no hero of free speech — he’s a slimy hate-monger, just like the American bloggers who worship him.
Having read what Charles Johnson posted, Donald Douglas responds:
"And EXTRA LULZ: Lizard Loser Charles Johnson is bummed that Wilders was acquitted: 'Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred.'"

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anais Nin

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - Reading Comprehension - 06/22/2011 Edition

Because sometimes, the urge to attack the individuals and groups one disagrees with and to portray them as eternally and unfailingly "eeeeevil" overwhelms the ability to pay enough attention to understand what the words and phrases mean, and actually get the story right.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 7:55 PM

Garrett Therolf, a writer at the Los Angeles Times, wrote:
"This month, the board will take back control of two large, chronically troubled agencies, one responsible for abused and neglected children and the other dealing with juvenile offenders. And more reductions in his power and office budget could be in the offing."
"'We just aren't getting the vital information we need,' said Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who recently voted with board members Gloria Molina and Zev Yaroslavsky to strip the Children and Family Services and Probation departments from Fujioka's control. Antonovich said Fujioka withheld names of candidates to lead the troubled children services agency and threatened to seek more reductions in Fujioka's staff and power in the coming months."
"Fujioka's backers say he has been particularly frustrated by some of the supervisors' interventions in the children's services agency, which has been grappling with child fatalities following errors in handling cases. It is one of the departments being taken away from Fujioka. Molina is especially hands-on, summoning top agency officials to her office to demand explanations. In one instance, she said she would like to cut the testicles off an executive because of problems in the agency, according to officials familiar with the exchange.

Molina declined to comment on the incident but said, 'At the end of the day, we as supervisors are literally blamed and held accountable for the outcomes of these children.'
" (Bolding by me.)
Donald Douglas reads the article, and thoughtfully replies:
"That Supervisor Molina refused to answer questions about the comment, as the Times indicates, is not surprising:
Molina declined to comment on the incident but said, 'At the end of the day, we as supervisors are literally blamed and held accountable for the outcomes of these children.'
In a time of fiscal austerity, government officials at all levels have been coming under increased attention. But I think it's fair to say that it's especially inappropriate for an L.A. County Supervisor to announce she wants to 'cut the testicles' off subordinate agency officials, and when asked about it to further denigrate them as 'children.'" (Bolding by Dr. Douglas)

ADDED: The famous Dr Douglas double-down, because there are times when, once Donalde has chosen his "they're eeeeevil" meme, neither facts or the explanations and exhortations of his fellow conservatives will do much to dissuade him. For Dr Douglas, demonizing others beats "reading for meaning" entirely too often.:
"UPDATE: From Russ, in the comments:"
"I think when she says "children", she is referring to the children under the protective services that have died while under their authority, NOT the supervisors she threatened with castration."
"I also got an e-mail from someone objecting to my comment on Molina's reference to "the children." I won't be surprised if some ASFLs contact my college to complain. Democrats and progressives are evil like that. So let's be clear: "The outcomes" may clearly refer to a purposeful act in the active sense, as in the actions of the administrators who have taken power from the hands of the board. Of course Molina might be referring to "the outcomes" of the children in the passive sense, but then again, considering she's threatening administrative subordinates, maybe not. She's a Democrat. They talk down to people like that. Progressives are losers."

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” - Anais Nin

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In reply to Geert Wilders: In Defense of 'Hurtful' Speech (WSJ)

A comment in reply to the Wall Street Journal post Geert Wilders: In Defense of 'Hurtful' Speech

While I'm glad Mr Wilders was aquitted--especially judging by American standards of free speech (The real issue is--or should be--speech laws, not Geert Wilders or what he said about folks of nationalities and creeds not like his)--I do believe he is bigoted against those who are not Dutch, and especially against Muslims. Short of violence, and limits as to time and place (think Westboro Baptist, and military funerals), acting or speaking like a bigot should be legal everywhere, and I'm pleased that Mr Wilders' right to say and write bigoted things in Holland was upheld. Hopefully the day will come when the law that he was accused of breaking--and similar laws in such forward-thinking, modern countries as England and Canada, too--will be overturned.

The answer to offensive, bigoted speech should be more speech, (and perhaps scorn for the speaker) not censorship or trial. I'm glad the Dutch court did the right thing. Here's hoping the Dutch people do the right thing too, and reject Geert Wilders and the bigotry he espouses.

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Little Green Footballs - Dutch Hatemonger Geert Wilders Acquitted of Inciting Hatred

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - On Teh Gay - June 21, 2011 Edition

June 21, 2011 9:16 PM:

JBW's in the house so y'll can head out for your Alex teh Gay hookup, you freak.
June 21, 2011 5:31 PM:

Something to think about while you're flogging to Alex teh Gay?
June 21, 2011 5:07 PM:

Do you beat off when you get mentioned at my blog? YOU have a homo crush, right? Posting, promoting, enabling at your blog workplace intimidation, that's over the line. Been checking Alex teh Gay's site lately? You got off on that, you and JBW? You're just like Alex Knepper? Sick. ASFL.

You have no job and you do the Alex Knepper all day? Sick.

Nothin' like attacking a guy by calling him a fag, huh, Donald? I'm sure gay folks wouldn't find that in any way bigoted or offensive, right?

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X-Post: Professor Donald Douglas is Envious of Professor Charli Carpenter (and predictably, rather than bringing himself up, he tries to tear her down)

The egotistical fantasy: American Power: Professor Charli Carpenter Quits Lawyers, Guns and Money! — UPDATE!! Repsac = Racist = ASFL = Lying Asshat!!!
"And I'm claiming credit for forcing her to abandon that demonic progressive stinkhole. Charli quit immediately following the publication of my essay, "Dr. Charli Carpenter and the Laws of War." I had long suggested to her that blogging at LGM was harmful to her academic reputation, and of course Charli's ambitious within the field of political science. She dismissed my advice and admonished me not to involve her in flame wars. But I offered legitimate criticism at "Dr. Charli Carpenter and the Laws of War," and she nevertheless ignored the post and then fled the scene of battle. Maybe it was the Serr8d Photoshop of Charli in a bikini, sporting what looks like to be a terrorist's bombing set-up. Feminists hate that stuff. (The bikinis, that is. The pro-Palestinian terrorism? Not so much.) And note how plugging "Charli Carpenter and International Law" or "Dr. Charli Carpenter" into Google pulls up my post at the #1 and #2 ranking. That's gotta hurt."

The reality: Notice and Comment : Lawyers, Guns & Money
"A few weeks back I wrote my co-bloggers, regretfully:

Effective May 30, I need to go on hiatus. I have just accepted a position as Graduate Program Director in my department, and need to deal with moving houses this summer so I’ll be bit pre-occupied in the near term, but the bigger issues are a) a teenage nugget who is beginning to require a lot more attention and b) the need to complete my book manuscript. Both of these require some concerted work over the next year. I don’t see how to carve out time for these extra work/family obligations other than by cutting back on blogging for awhile, so there it is.

Will look forward to hanging with you in person when able (poker at APSA anyone?), reading and commenting, and to linking from the Duck, where I’ll continue to contribute, though also more irregularly for now."

While Donald is creating vast liberal conspiracies online, outing his many political "enemies" (or at least promising to one day, eventually) and pretending he's important enough that much of anyone actually pays any attention to him, Charli Carpenter is off becoming the Graduate Program Director of her department, writing a book in her field, and raising her kid. And of course, paying little if any attention to Donald Douglas.

If you're Donald Douglas, the disparity between what she's doing and what he isn't (and especially that last one) obviously hurts, as posts like the one highlighted above shows everyone who reads it (except Donald's few sycophants, of course... As always, they're lapping it all up with a fork, no doubt).

Poor guy... (I will say I do dig the beard, though... Makes him look less... ...well... (Yaknow... I think I'll let others finish that sentence however they wish. Bottom line is I think he looks better with it than without it. As with all things, YMMV...))

In reply to Donald's "Update," I can only say all that whining can't be good for anyone, least of all Donald. It's obvious that the guy is losing what little credibility he once had online, and is lashing out at everyone and anyone in response. That said, I look forward to his expose of LGM, Sadly, No!, AmNi (this blog), and all his other enemies in the vast leftwing blogosphere (most of whom are conveniently listed in our blogroll), once his legal team give him the go-ahead to publish his inane theories and conspiratorial complaints about everyone who ever made fun of him and his ginormous ego.

When it rains, it pours. Never one to know when to stop digging, Donald unleashes more specious and unhinged attacks on me and this blog: American Power: Alleged Denial of Service Attack Against Turn Right USA PAC Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't stop there, either... With Donald, the facts are optional... a little baseless insinuation is all he needs to get going...

Still digging.

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