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X-Post: The Best (Not-So-New) Thing In The World (Faith)

I have little to add to this, except to say that it gives me hope, and bolsters my faith...

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Friday, July 29, 2011

X-Post: How Many Responsible Counter-Jihad Bloggers Are Out There, Anyway?

In response to this list*, (the content of which seems pretty intelligent and nuanced to me, for the most part), I offer the following (three, currently, though I'll be glad to add more if anyone can point me to any) blog posts by right wingers that--at least in these posts--seem to have a handle on the difference between being opposed to violent muslim extremism (islamism, islamofacism), and being opposed to muslims and the Muslim faith (islam, itself).

1) A Responsible Anti-Jihadism? - Josh Travino - The New Nixon (From 2009, but prescient)

2) On Islamophobia and Right Wing Extremism - Rusty Shackleford - The Jawa Report (Unfortunately, not all of the writers at The Jawa Report share his thinking'... and if you REALLY want to be depressed about the nature of folks, read the comments of the post, where Rusty is accused of all manner of rightwing / muzzie-lovin' treasons, just for writing the post.)

3) Atlas Shrugs Blogger Pamela Geller an Inspiration for Terrorists - Dean Esmay - Dean's World (This post first appeared in the list cited above. A little rooting and reading on his blog showed that this "progressive" is actually not a progressive at all... Since I included this post here, I did not repeat it below.)

4) ...
(Because I'm really hoping there are more than three, out there...) ((To be fair, I have not done much of a search, as yet... These three kinda fell into my lap, and I was impressed enough to write this post acknowledging them. If/when I have one for #4, this blurb will become #5, and so on, until I find at least as many "responsible anti-jihad bloggers" (to coin borrow a phrase) as I have hateful ones.))

*That list, in case you'd rather not:
In response to Norway attacks, right-wing bloggers suddenly demand nuance - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Balloon Juice - “This rhetoric,” he added, “is not cost-free.”

Booman Tribune ~ Pam Geller Compares Herself to John Lennon

Little Green Footballs - NYT: US 'Counter-Jihad' Bloggers Heavily Influenced Oslo Terrorist

Daily Kos: Norway killer found inspiration in American anti-Islamism

Rightbloggers Discover the Real Victims of Norway Mass Murderer Breivik: Themselves - Runnin' Scared

Anders Breivik's Christian Terrorism in Norway: Are Pamela Geller and other anti-Islamist bloggers responsible? - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine

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X-Post: Diagnosing Don

As should be clear to anyone who peruses Donald Douglas' most recent hit piece on yours truly, at this point he's playing the game with neither rules or reason.

Nothing in his cut'n'paste--and not just the part he "borrows," but the WHOLE CRAZY SHABANG--pertains to me at all, a fact which even Donald seemed to understand somewhere deep down, as he didn't make even a single attempt to show me saying or doing the kind of things the actual author of the piece alleges about "the Left."

(In fact, some might say that second paragraph, the one discussing "clinical paranoia," "unbridled hostility where disagreement is perceived," and "the belief in personal infallibility," far more closely fits Donald Douglas himself... Hell, even the post to which I'm responding may be taken as evidence of some of that.)

No, to Donald Douglas, the posting of a picture, a quote from a reader that he once deemed "way over the top, into tin-foil hat territory", and a link to another hit piece he recently wrote, is obviously proof enough of anything he wishes for these things to prove... ...and that's just altogether sad.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

X-Post: The Growing Scourges - Rightwing Nationalism? Islam? How about Extremism...

Found at the small dead animals post, Oslo: The Christian Response, (but also quoted approvingly here, too):

From today's Toronto "Red" Star editorial:
'The best catharsis Norway can have is to expose a mass murderer for what he is, to publicly refute his twisted ideology and to bring him to justice. The light and air of a public courtroom are the best disinfectants. This case matters to other European countries as well. Rightwing nationalism is a growing scourge that can inspire a lunatic fringe.'
Can you imagine them writing the following?
'The best catharsis America can have is to expose mass murderer Nidal Hasan for what he is, to publicly refute his twisted ideology and to bring him to justice. The light and air of a public courtroom are the best disinfectants. This case matters to European countries as well. Islam is a growing scourge that can inspire a lunatic fringe.'
Nope. Me neither."
In both cases, the ideology of the killers needs to be examined and discussed. But Breivik's murderous acts were not the product of nationalism (or even "rightwing nationalism") any more than Hasan's murderous acts were the result of Islam.

Both were the result of extremism, each of their own variety. Yes, rightwing nationalism / Islam were factors in the stories, but only in the sense that Anders Breivik and Nadal Hasan claimed to be acting in furtherance of those ideologies, but in both cases they had created &/or were influenced by others who had bastardized what these ideologies are actually about and how they are put into practice by their more mainstream adherents.

Now obviously, I'm not all that familiar with Islam, but I do know that the Muslim faith is one of the great religions throughout the world, practiced by millions of people, and that it is a fraction of Muslims who are extremists in word or deed.

I know even less about rightwing nationalism, but I can imagine and empathize with those who see their country and it's traditional identity slipping away. (I find it far easier to imagine and empathize where "old Europe" (or old anywhere) is concerned; the USA started out a nation of immigrants, and still is.) While I'm staunchly opposed to bigotry--also a function of being an American and of our being a nation of immigrants, I think--I don't have much of an issue with countries maintaining their heritage by limiting immigration and demanding a degree of adherence to the customs and laws of the land. The key is, the laws must apply to all fairly. If a country chooses to limit immigration, they should limit immigration from all countries, not just certain ones. If a country chooses to limit (or allow) religious expression or adornments in schools, the laws governing such things should apply whether one is a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, or any other religion.

Obviously, it's far easier to say than to do, and I'm sure accommodating the needs of one faith will sometimes require more than accommodating the needs of another. I can only say that there is value in living and letting live, sometimes. You're not losing anything if another faith gets an accommodation you do not need or want, and in my opinion it's a little petty to bitch, if that is the case. While the analogy is by no means perfect, there is some value in treating religious accommodation the same way many schools, etc treat accommodations for disabilities. The child with dyslexia isn't getting something extra that your non-learning disabled child isn't getting; both children are getting the same instruction, based on their needs. By the same token, some children have needs that cannot be met in a normal school setting, and it is neither discriminatory or a privilege to have them attend elsewhere, whether that need is specialized instruction due to a physical or mental deficit, or the ability to worship several times during a school day, as required by one's faith.

Bigotry is a problem (and yes, I think that some of the folks being criticized a a result of the Norwegian killer quoted them have said and done bigoted things. That doesn't make them responsible for what the guy did, but it isn't out of the question to talk about what they're saying or to criticize it, either. The fact is, Breivik's quotes and claims shined a light on these anti-muslim/counter-jihadist writers, and there is nothing wrong with talking about their words and ideas.)

The real problem though, is extremism, whether one is an islamist terrorist, a leftwing ecoterrorist, or a rightwing nationalist terrorist. People who commit acts of violence or large-scale vandalism in furtherance of a political outcome are dangerous, and need to be opposed and stopped. (Small-scale vandalism ain't so hot either, but there's a vast difference between spray painting a sign or breaking a window, and blowing up a building or a bulldozer.) There will always be bigots and separatists and people who want to force you to think, act, and believe as they do. Ugly words and ideas can inspire ugly acts, but they are not the cause of those ugly acts. That doesn't mean one cannot criticize the ugly words and ideas--indeed, I believe one has an obligation to do so--but it's foolish to attribute one person's ugly thinking for another's ugly deeds.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas, Along W/ Other Anti-Muslim Bloggers, Go Into Full Denial Mode

In a long post denying that Anders Behring Breivik, the killer from Norway, was in any way associated with anything Dr. Douglas and his fellow anti-Muslim bloggers and spokesmen have been preaching and teaching--in spite of a whole lot of evidence to the contrary, including links to and quotes in his 1,500-page manifesto and elsewhere from Donald Douglas "friends" Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, JihadWatch, ...--Donald makes reference to the following:
"And now here's progressive Leah McElrath on Twitter, cheering a New York Times report that links to a video manifesto credited to Anders Behring Breivik, which as later uploaded to ‪YouTube. And notice McElrath's good night tweet:
Well, that actually wasn't McElrath's last tweet. She took time to block JoannaOC in Minneapolis, who called her out for distributing progressive propaganda. McElrath gets angry for being called out, and claims she's saving lives. JoannaOC is trying to focus on the miracle of life and God's grace of survival. Leah McElrath is spreading left-wing propaganda and hate."

Sorry, but no, Donald...

JoannaOC's argument is that by posting the killer's video, Leah McElrath is distributing the killer's bigoted anti-muslim views. (It's the same argument folks made about posting or showing one of bin Laden's videos, back when he was still a going concern.) Like McElrath, I happen to believe in sunshine, but I can certainly see the argument JoannaOC is making... Anders Behring Breivik WANTED folks to see his creepy video; JoannaOC (who is almost certainly also a progressive, btw) is saying Leah McElrath and the rest of the media shouldn't grant the guy his last wish.
@JoannaOC:@acarvin @alphaleah @thelede I've watched the video. Do you really want to keep sending this link around? Was this not his intention?
Elsewhere in the twitter conversation a journalist she's talking to (local MN Public Radio, if that's any clue as to where she stands) mentions that "this is somewhat the same dilemma journos faced with the manifesto of the guy who flew a plane into a Texas IRS office," and she responds by talking about "the Zodiac Killer blackmailing the press into printing his stuff."

Like I said, I lean toward Leah's argument about exposing bad ideas and ideology to the light of day, but I also agree that when you do that, there will be people who read/watch these manifestos and whatnot, receive the exact opposite message from them than the one journalists/advocates of sunshine intend, take up the killer's crazy ideology, and perhaps become the next mass murderer. (Rachel Maddow often shows the lines and links between murderous anti-abortion extremists, for example... The risk is real...)

JoannaOC is certainly right about one thing; the teenagers--those who survived, as well as those who did not--deserve at least as much coverage as this extreme right wing terrorist. This is one survivor's story: Ut√łya survivor's story (translated to English)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Gotta cop to it...

The more I see of Rebecca Black's work, the more I like her...

It started with a TV interview I saw her do during the height of the "Friday" massacre, when so many folks were attacking her... She was upbeat, graceful, and altogether classy about the song, her fans, and even the folks who were saying such awful things about her, the song, her parents... From that moment on (and regardless of how I felt about the song itself), I decided to root for this girl and wish her all the success in the world, whatever her dreams may be.

She hasn't disappointed...

The new song, while not exactly my style, is vocally pretty good, and has a great message for the folks in her likely fan base, besides. (I trust that anyone interested can find that one on their own...)

A sense of humor, a great attitude, and talent, besides... I still feel the same as I did after seeing that TV interview, only more-so... I hope she keeps reaching for the stars, and that no matter how many of 'em she collects, she keeps reaching out for just one more...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas Says The Devil I Made 'em Do It...

Here's the reason Donald Douglas is so very upset with me (seemingly moreso than he is with any/all of the bloggers who actually did call or write to his superiors at the college over the last two years to discuss his online behaviors, even):

Donald believes I made them do it.

No, really... Donald believes that I made several bloggers (including a few libertarians/conservatives) call or write to the President of his college and the head of his department, and allowed them to take the heat for doing so, while I wrote posts and comments throwing them under my bus, saying how wrong it was for them to go so far as to involve his job in an online disagreement, in order to establish "plausible denial."
YOU pledged an intimidation campaign:
"As long as Donald Douglas is posting a public blog that accepts comments, I'm going to continue to comment on what he posts, whenever and wherever I choose'
I banned YOU. But you publicly admitted my wishes were to be disrespected and that you would taunt, harass, and intimidate "whenever and wherever I choose."
And one of those places was my college. YOU had henchmen do it for you so you could claim plausible denial. But the cat's out now. YOU are liable."
And then he gets mad when I suggest that he sounds paranoid...

My theory is that Donald's just angry because he cannot get me to stop posting my opinions about his often hypocritical or bigoted sociopolitical beliefs... (He doesn't seem to be hounding/threatening the folks who actually did contact LBCC over the last 2 years, either on their blogs or on his own American Power blog... He sure has a hard-on for me, though... 29 comments on this blog in three days, as well as 3 posts in as many hours on his own, all making essentially the same specious allegations and accusations...)

UPDATE: Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 2:25 AM - Dr Douglas' non-responsive response

Our fearless muse (who, I shit you not, has been using the screen name "Neocon Avenger" in online comments recently--as though he's not ridiculous enough as he is, without having folks imagining him in tights and a cape, taboot) tosses out the same old accusations and allegations--along with a whole lot of invective and bile--but never addresses either the words of this post, or offers anything in the way of evidence that I have ever even suggested that anyone contact his workplace, or harass or intimidate him in any way. (He won't. He can't. Contrary to his absurd conspiratorial theories or imagined superpowers, I never have.)

An American HenchmenX-post

X-Post: Musta Been Something I Said...

Monday, July 18, 2011, 11:00 AM - American Power: Progressive Trolls? Update on W. James Casper, Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs

The next four posts are all in a row...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 9:00 PM - American Power: W. James Casper Continues Campaign of Intimidation and Criminal Harassment (Essentially a repeat of his AmNi comment from 11:26 PM (8:26 PM, DD time), with the following text added:
An apology to readers: I've been in and out all day today, and I've also been trying to get progressives to take responsibility. So, here's an update to my post from the other day: "American Power: Progressive Trolls? Update on W. James Casper, Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs"

[Same old photoshopped photo he used "the other day" (Monday), which is the same old photoshopped photo as always...]

I'm currently in the process of getting written apologies and retractions from the criminal progressives who mounted campaigns of workplace intimidation, and as W. James Casper has been a ringleader, by his own words, I'm putting this comment here for the record:

[text of AmNi comment here -- and by the by, I think his "for the record" link above was supposed to get you to a google search leading to this same post... ...but as so often happens, he fucked it up. (I think he really believes we pay the slightest attention to hits, here... ...and that the people who follow his links don't come away wondering why he cannot seem to ever get them right.)]

I know some readers wonder why I deal with this, and believe me, it's not fun. But since my college has been involved there are a lot of loose ends legally that I'm working to wrap up. W. James Casper harbors a clinical hatred for me and he's long mounted a war of personal destruction. I can't impinge his free speech rights, but he's got no legal right to his continued campaign of criminality and the politics of personal destruction. He's a sad man, I know. But he's more than the laughingstock of the progressive left. He's Satan's henchmen working to destroy those of good will who stand up for what's right. I'll keep fighting because that's what you do: Never back down to the mob. It only emboldens them and they will kill and maim even more. This is what these people are about.
Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 9:50 PM - American Power: Campaign of Hatred Against Michelle Malkin Again Shows Progressives' True Colors:
"RELATED: 'American Power: W. James Casper Continues Campaign of Intimidation and Criminal Harassment'"
Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 10:30 PM - American Power: Rep. Allen West Slams Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Over 'Vile' Comments on Floor of House of Representatives:
"The politics of personal destruction knows no boundaries. See: 'American Power: W. James Casper Continues Campaign of Intimidation and Criminal Harassment'"
Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 12:15 AM American Power: Rebekah Brooks Testimony Before Commons Select Committee

My comment to this one (which will, of course, be rejected):

You couldn't find a way to work a link pertaining to me into this story, too?

(Man, I really HAVE struck a nerve...)

((Eventually, you'll realize that petty bullshit like your attacks on me are one of the reasons folks are going elsewhere for their wingnut spin... You don't see lipless McCain doing a threepeat on some no-name blogger who disagrees with him on the internet... Even a worthy Rule #4 (which Donald, even I know I'm not) has it's limits...))

That said, keep on pluggin'... Maybe you can work me into the next one...
Sadly, Donald was unable to work me into the next post, or the one after that... But, like when you miss a bus, there's always a next one, sure enough:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 6:00 AM - American Power: Legal Campaign Against Free Dominion:
"And a commenter left this J.S. Mill quotation:
The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it.
Progressives stand against this tradition. That's why people of good moral standing must continue the fight. See: American Power: W. James Casper Continues Campaign of Intimidation and Criminal Harassment'"

An American Henchmen (Nihilist) X-post

In Reply: "I am your nihilist leader..."

In reply to Sadly, No! - White Girls Israel, repsac3 (Sasquatch Israel plays drums, not trumpet...) said the following:
“...trumpeting his own persecution at the hands of the “demonic” left.”

That guy looks really fami…Hey, wait a minute… That’s my long lost evil twin, Sgt. Skippy!!

Apparently, I am your nihilist leader, and you are all my demonic henchmen… (except for any scantily-clad young white chicks in the audience, of course… Donalde’s watching y’all a little too closely, if ya know what I mean…)

Don’s got screencaps. God is watching.
Posted July 21, 2011 at 5:10 (Sadly, No! blog time)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - Reading Comprehension - July 18, 2011 Edition

Because sometimes, the urge to attack the individuals and groups one disagrees with and to portray them as eternally and unfailingly "eeeeevil" overwhelms the ability to pay enough attention to understand what the words and phrases mean, and actually get the story right.

July 18, 2011 12:57 PM

I comment (in part. -- Follow link for full text and context):
"While I'll never contact LBCC--barring a belief that you may harm someone at the school, which I honestly have never thought, no matter how nutty you've gotten--I wouldn't mind speaking to one of them, if they wish to contact me..."
Donald Douglas reads my comment--quotes the words above--and replies:
"This is where you cross the line. YOU openly state you have an interest in getting me fired."

An American Henchmen (Nihilist) X-post

Monday, July 18, 2011

In reply: Striking A Nerve

In reply to American Power: Progressive Trolls? Update on W. James Casper, Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs (which in turn, is pretty obviously a veiled reply to various comments in this comment thread from earlier that day... ...and since.)

Looks like I struck a nerve there, Donald...

Sorry to see that you're so thin-skinned, but attack posts like this one (ESPECIALLY like this one, since it is so very obviously forced as to make you look desperate) is not the answer.

(Instead, you might wish to try being a better man, and perhaps dealing with the substance of posts, rather than calling the authors of them silly names or having a friend create nonsensical pictures of people for you to post.)

Submitted for moderator approval 7/18/11,approximately 9:26 PM... ...and proudly deleted by Donald Douglas sometime before 10:24 PM. (What is it that Donald is so afraid of?)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

X-Post: Herman Cain figures out the Constitution forbids him to discriminate against Muslims


(More info: EXCLUSIVE: Herman Cain Tells ThinkProgress ‘I Will Not’ Appoint A Muslim In My Administration | ThinkProgress)


(More info: Cain Rewrites History: I Said I Would Not Be Comfortable With ‘A Terrorist In My Cabinet’ | ThinkProgress)

He does not care. He feels the way he feels... (...even if it is bigotry toward muslims--who're all terrorists, y'know) he's feeling.)

And as far as Sharia law in US courts...

While there have been few if any cases of US courts deferring to religious law, religious arbitration "courts" do exist, including those that include Sharia for Muslims, or Halacha (Halakha) for Jews. (Even Catholics subscribe to Cannon Law which, like Sharia and Halacha, does not replace US secular law, but acts along side it.) Such religious arbitration is voluntary for all parties (though of course, there can be in-group pressures to adhere to what the rabbi or imam decrees, even if your position does not prevail.) But where these religious laws are substantially in conflict with US law, US law prevails.

I'm not surprised that the Constitution does not allow the majority to vote away the right for a minority to have their religious arbitration, especially where the majority is singling out one religion's legal arbitration, rather than ALL religious arbitration. (This is likely the same reason the Dutch hit Muslims and Jews alike when they banned ritual slaughter of animals, preventing halal and kosher butchery, in one fell swoop. There had been an exemption for jews and muslims for many years, but no more...)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - On Teh Gay - July 13, 2011 Edition

No need to visit Marcus Bachmann... According to Donald Douglas, Ph.D, you're not gay... You're a "rim station freak."
Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 6:00 AM:

New York Broome County Clerk Resigns Over Same-Sex Marriage Law
She's probably had it up to here with the rim station freaks.
And lest you think Donald's apparent fascination with this "freakish" sex act as performed between two consenting adult men (A fascination that started here, if memory serves... And note: Without sinking to Dr Don's level, this is an act that can be performed by consenting heterosexual adult couples as well, if they happen to be into it -- No word as to whether Donald thinks "normal" couples who do this thing are freaks, as well.) is just benign fantasy, note how he uses it as a slur against men he disagrees with (much the same way he uses "racist," "nihilist" or any of his other bullshit terms of endearment...):
"Go ahead. Ban me, RepRacistRimStationFreak!" --- RACIST = REPSAC = CASPER = RIM STATION = FREAK!
(Like I said before...) Nothin' like attacking a guy by calling him a fag, huh, Donald? I'm sure gay folks wouldn't find that in any way bigoted or offensive, right?

American Rim Station (Nihilist) X-post

X-Post: Dr. Douglas claims he's being threatened...

Ok... Who's threatening poor, pitiful, "woe is me, I'm such a victim" Donald Douglas?

In a recent American Power blog post about an online disagreement between teenage classmates that ended in real life violence, Donald Douglas said the following:
"Online debates can get pretty nasty. And around here people have crossed the line. I'm still getting threats on RACIST = REPSAC = CASPER'S blog."
So let's have it...

Who's been scaring poor Donald with these nasty threats, and what kinda code are you using to transmit them, so that no one but Donald can see them, and thus get his underoos all in a twist?

Threats, Donald? Really?

Grow up and act like a man, Dr. Douglas... Put up or shut up, and for fuck's sake stop whining... Whatever you're perceiving as threats are more'n'likely just ripostes to your specious accusations of raaaaacism and gaaaaay-baiting, written in ALL CAPS, self-cens@red sw3@r words, and with enough inappropriately-placed punctuation to. choke. a. grammar. school. teacher!!!!! (Perhaps if you actually provided any examples of these so-called "threats," we could all better understand what has you so freaked out... ...though I suspect that actually having to be specific might let folks see that when it comes down to it, you're full of shit, and there are no "threats.")

I can't speak for every reader or wayward AmNi author, but Kevin and I (and Carl, too, I believe) are all on the completely diametrically-opposed geographically opposite coast from you... Chances are slim any of us will ever breathe the same air as you, let alone give you the "evil eye" in person... ...or scary of scaries, actually speak to you face to face... You're perfectly safe, ya big baby... No need to wet yourself with imagined threats of violence, or much of anything else, either... Your fears are unfounded, Donald... No need to whine and whimper... C'mon, Don... Let out one of those hearty BWAAAHAHA!!!'s you're becoming so famous for... (They're almost the new "nihilist," almost) It'll make you feel better...

An American Rim Station (Nihilist) X-post

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Reply: No Opportunity To Act Like A Subhuman Ass Wasted

In reply to the following comment at Acephalous, at a post where the proprietor explains a lengthy absence by saying a longtime friend had recently died.
'You honestly believe this is an appropriate post to make that kind of comment on?'
Oh, quit your bitching, Scott. Everyone knows you're an asshole and you're just opening up the target range here for your enemies. And frankly, I don't believe you ... this post is insincere puff and inglorious piddle, although you got this right: 'I'm not the best at being human—by all conventional standards, I'm an abject failure...'
''re just opening up the target range here for your enemies.'

Yeah, I'm sure that's all you and your s3rh8td slug friend of yours saw in this post about the death of a friend... An opportunity to launch an attack.

Fuck you, Douglas. You reveal yourself as a subhuman ass at every turn, and deserve everything that has and will befall you.
Posted MONDAY, 11 JULY 2011 AT 04:44 AM, Acephalous blog time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - On African Americans - July 9, 2011 Edition

Donald didn't write this rant... but he sure does seem to approve of it
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 12:01 AM
American Power: Jenn of the Jungle Smacks a 'Liberal'

She's smacking down a progressive really, but maybe she's not reading David Horowitz on the terminology.

In any case, see Jenn at The Political Jungle:
"Really??? Do you even have a fucking clue who any of us are? NO. You squeal like a fucking twat on fire about Faux News and "indoctrination" all day long without a fucking clue.

Yeah I was "indoctrinated". By reality, eventually.

I'm from the SF Bay Area....I was a totally indoctrinated leftard. I fucking organized a march against the 1st "Iraq War" in high school. I NOW KNOW had we done the job then we could have saved thousands+ of lives....but I followed the leftist line. LEAVE NOW....let the flying spaghetti monster figure it out. THAT was what the MSM told us then...I notice they totally do NOT say that now in regard to say....LIBYA.

My friends were black, brown, tan, yellow and every color in doesn't change the fact that criminal invaders are scum sucking racist fucks and blacks, oh and I mean NIGGERS are fucking running wild in this country now that their lord and savior is "president". Look at the fucking news asshole...riots in the streets endless shootings, rapes, lies, massive property destruction....ignorant blacks seem to think that they have no rule of law now. I can't MAKE this up. It's FACT. Look at the tiny little microcosm of just the 4th of July weekend. WHO shot police, their own and who rioted in the streets and ran like ANIMALS.

I look at the state of the California educational system and see we are burdened not just by anchor babies but we are LITERALLY educating MEXICANS every day by the THOUSANDS. WHY????"

Classy, huh?

An American Rim Station (Nihilist) X-post

Friday, July 08, 2011

In reply to His Excellency, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan's post "Some Afterthoughts" (Marriage Equality)

In reply to: Some Afterthoughts - The Gospel in the Digital Age

I support the right and the necessity for every faith and denomination to define marriage according to the tenets of their faith, and I stand opposed to any individual or group that would try to "force" any church to go against their teachings and marry (or not marry) any couple that doesn't adhere to the faith.

That said, I firmly believe there are significant differences between the sacred and religious rites of marriage, and the civil right to marry, and that it is not for any church to define and codify religious rites into secular law. (if you ask me, the problem is one of semantics. "Marriage" isn't ( or shouldn't be) a legal term, infused as it is with sacred teachings and beliefs.)

The state has every right to choose to recognize religious ceremony as a legal union, just as each church can choose whether or not to recognize the secular, civil ceremony that creates a legal union as a marriage. But the twain needn't meet. Religious marriage is what your faith teaches you is is; no more and no less. Legal marriage need not--and I would argue, ought not--be based on any faith's religious teachings, but on the founding documents and laws of the land. Hopefully, this is the direction we are headed throughout this country.

I applaud the Catholic church's efforts to stay true to their teachings, and I hope they continue to do so. (I feel the same about my own faith--Unitarian Universalism--which has been performing weddings for same and opposite gendered couples for years, in accordance with our beliefs.) I would no more want US law to mandate (or forbid) my religious rites than I would your religious rites. If there's one place where the church and the state ought to remain divided it is in mandating or forbidding religious rites by federal, state, or local law... ...or mandating or forbidding Constitutional rights via the church, either.

Submitted for moderator approval July 8, 2011 at 9:07 PM

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Donald Douglas - On Teh Gay - July 6, 2011 Edition

Wednesday, July 6, 2011, 12:01 AM:

American Power: The Gay Hate Campaign
"As I've said many times, it's lies, violence, and intimidation that's putting the gay agenda over the top. You gotta call these people out for what that are: Homosexual criminals, mobsters, perverts, and thugs. And that goes as well for the hetero progressives who're enabling the hate."
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