Thursday, July 14, 2011

X-Post: Donald Douglas - On Teh Gay - July 13, 2011 Edition

No need to visit Marcus Bachmann... According to Donald Douglas, Ph.D, you're not gay... You're a "rim station freak."
Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 6:00 AM:

New York Broome County Clerk Resigns Over Same-Sex Marriage Law
She's probably had it up to here with the rim station freaks.
And lest you think Donald's apparent fascination with this "freakish" sex act as performed between two consenting adult men (A fascination that started here, if memory serves... And note: Without sinking to Dr Don's level, this is an act that can be performed by consenting heterosexual adult couples as well, if they happen to be into it -- No word as to whether Donald thinks "normal" couples who do this thing are freaks, as well.) is just benign fantasy, note how he uses it as a slur against men he disagrees with (much the same way he uses "racist," "nihilist" or any of his other bullshit terms of endearment...):
"Go ahead. Ban me, RepRacistRimStationFreak!" --- RACIST = REPSAC = CASPER = RIM STATION = FREAK!
(Like I said before...) Nothin' like attacking a guy by calling him a fag, huh, Donald? I'm sure gay folks wouldn't find that in any way bigoted or offensive, right?

American Rim Station (Nihilist) X-post

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