Thursday, July 14, 2011

X-Post: Dr. Douglas claims he's being threatened...

Ok... Who's threatening poor, pitiful, "woe is me, I'm such a victim" Donald Douglas?

In a recent American Power blog post about an online disagreement between teenage classmates that ended in real life violence, Donald Douglas said the following:
"Online debates can get pretty nasty. And around here people have crossed the line. I'm still getting threats on RACIST = REPSAC = CASPER'S blog."
So let's have it...

Who's been scaring poor Donald with these nasty threats, and what kinda code are you using to transmit them, so that no one but Donald can see them, and thus get his underoos all in a twist?

Threats, Donald? Really?

Grow up and act like a man, Dr. Douglas... Put up or shut up, and for fuck's sake stop whining... Whatever you're perceiving as threats are more'n'likely just ripostes to your specious accusations of raaaaacism and gaaaaay-baiting, written in ALL CAPS, self-cens@red sw3@r words, and with enough inappropriately-placed punctuation to. choke. a. grammar. school. teacher!!!!! (Perhaps if you actually provided any examples of these so-called "threats," we could all better understand what has you so freaked out... ...though I suspect that actually having to be specific might let folks see that when it comes down to it, you're full of shit, and there are no "threats.")

I can't speak for every reader or wayward AmNi author, but Kevin and I (and Carl, too, I believe) are all on the completely diametrically-opposed geographically opposite coast from you... Chances are slim any of us will ever breathe the same air as you, let alone give you the "evil eye" in person... ...or scary of scaries, actually speak to you face to face... You're perfectly safe, ya big baby... No need to wet yourself with imagined threats of violence, or much of anything else, either... Your fears are unfounded, Donald... No need to whine and whimper... C'mon, Don... Let out one of those hearty BWAAAHAHA!!!'s you're becoming so famous for... (They're almost the new "nihilist," almost) It'll make you feel better...

An American Rim Station (Nihilist) X-post

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