Friday, July 29, 2011

X-Post: Diagnosing Don

As should be clear to anyone who peruses Donald Douglas' most recent hit piece on yours truly, at this point he's playing the game with neither rules or reason.

Nothing in his cut'n'paste--and not just the part he "borrows," but the WHOLE CRAZY SHABANG--pertains to me at all, a fact which even Donald seemed to understand somewhere deep down, as he didn't make even a single attempt to show me saying or doing the kind of things the actual author of the piece alleges about "the Left."

(In fact, some might say that second paragraph, the one discussing "clinical paranoia," "unbridled hostility where disagreement is perceived," and "the belief in personal infallibility," far more closely fits Donald Douglas himself... Hell, even the post to which I'm responding may be taken as evidence of some of that.)

No, to Donald Douglas, the posting of a picture, a quote from a reader that he once deemed "way over the top, into tin-foil hat territory", and a link to another hit piece he recently wrote, is obviously proof enough of anything he wishes for these things to prove... ...and that's just altogether sad.

An American Henchmen (Nihilist) X-post

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