Monday, July 18, 2011

In reply: Striking A Nerve

In reply to American Power: Progressive Trolls? Update on W. James Casper, Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs (which in turn, is pretty obviously a veiled reply to various comments in this comment thread from earlier that day... ...and since.)

Looks like I struck a nerve there, Donald...

Sorry to see that you're so thin-skinned, but attack posts like this one (ESPECIALLY like this one, since it is so very obviously forced as to make you look desperate) is not the answer.

(Instead, you might wish to try being a better man, and perhaps dealing with the substance of posts, rather than calling the authors of them silly names or having a friend create nonsensical pictures of people for you to post.)

Submitted for moderator approval 7/18/11,approximately 9:26 PM... ...and proudly deleted by Donald Douglas sometime before 10:24 PM. (What is it that Donald is so afraid of?)

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