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Ilana Mercer has some disturbing fans...

It's the topic, I know, but still...

I've mentioned this once before in passing, but they keep getting... ...well, I'll tell you what.
I'll just do the Faux News thing. No commentary. I report, you decide.

From Barely A Blog: In Defense of Bill O'Reilly :
Shawn was living a life that many children who live at home do - they play all day - going to school is just going through the motions for them - with social promotion.

Shawn’s life is what many children no doubt dream about - sort of like “Treasure Island” - going off on a ship and just playing games day and night.

Shawn no doubt was not a great student, or he would have missed school.

Has anyone suggested that Shawn “ran away” rather than that he was kidnapped?

By Frank Zavisca on 01.26.07 5:07 am

I’m amazed that O’Reilly had taken this position. This is a man who agrees with the likes of Susan Estrich and Wendy Murphy that young men under age 18 are too young and innocent to consent to or knowingly initiate sex with adult females, describes such affairs as “rape” and “child molestation,” and believes the “victims” are “traumatized.”

By Michael kuehl on 01.26.07 4:28 pm

Given his comment about “a NAMBLA offshoot for women,” James Casper obviously believes that adult women who have sex with young men under age 18 are “child molesters,” “pedophiles,” and “rapists.” And because pubescent teenage males under statutory age are fundamentally indistinguishable from prepubescent girls of 10 and 11, such “victims” are “children” and “little boys” who are “traumatized” and “scarred for life.”

What nonsense! Biologically, pubescent teenage age males under age 18 are not “children” but young men. They don’t have the minds and bodies of 10- and 11-year-olds, nor do they have the bodies of underage adolescent girls of comparable age.

Almost invariably, in affairs and dalliances between adult females and young men under age 18, the “child” and “victim” is much bigger, stronger, more aggressive, more physically intimidating, etc. than the adult and “victimizer.” For this reason alone, it’s ludicrous to define such liaisons as “pedophilia” and “child molestation.” Yes, women are “pedophiles” and “child molesters” for having sex with young men as old as 16 and 17 who might be 6′4″ and outweigh them by 50-150 pounds!

Moreover, for abvious anatomical reasons, women can’t “rape” anyone in the pure sense of that word. “Rape” signifies not only violence but penetration -and, with female victims, possible impregnation. Ergo, even to describe such intrigues as “statutory rape” is objectively inaccurate and thus absurd. In such encounters, the “victim” penentrates, and possibly impregnates, the “criminal.”

Lastly, under the law, teenage males under age 18 are old and mature enough to form the mens rea or criminal intent to commit felonies, and often “waived into adult court” if they commit violent crimes. Obviously, if young men under age 18 are old and mature enough to know what they’re doing, legally and morally, when they commit aggravated assault, murder, and rape, then they’re old and mature enough to know what they’re doing when they consent to or initiate sex with adult females.

By Michael kuehl on 01.28.07 6:29 am


From In Defense of Bill O'Reilly:
5. 1/31/2007 - 4:16:31AM
BY: Brian
I think everyone who believes this "mind control" theory are just naive. This was a man/boy love relationship and Shawn was a willing participant. Do your research on the dynamics of that type of relationship and then go back and look at the FACTS! I'm not supporting that type of thing, I'm just saying, that's what it was. PERIOD! I can't believe how stupid people can be and the lack of common sense, especially when the facts are right in front of your face. All you people claiming there was some brainwashing or mind control are so out of touch with reality it's insane. You are all just so hell-bent on putting the nail in Devlin's coffin you've become blind to common sense and reality. I'm not supporting Devlin, but Shawn is a lying little deviant.

9. 2/2/2007 - 21:56:58PM
BY: Ex-runaway
I'm not going into the legal format of the case,but what do you people think a person turns 18 and a sex drive is installed! I remember 13 an 14 year olds getting married. Wjether it's a good decision could be debated. I know of one 16 year old that runs his own dairy farm. I do believe we are keeping our children as helpless babies to long. We all want our children to have a good future but sometimes we seem to keep them in a bubble for much too long - and then let them loose dumb and unable to deal with the reality of life.


April, 2011: (I'd update that second comment link if I could, but it seems the Free Market News Network ( has pulled up stakes and no longer has a cached version that I can find and link to... The article was there though, posted 1/30/2007: Contributors Archive - Free Market News Network

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