Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools

Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools

This is an awesome neat website I accidented upon... (From upside down flags to a child friendly snot remover in mere seconds... That's why I love the Internet.)

If there's one thing I got from my dad, it's appreciation for gadgets & gizmos that'll do stuff better or faster than you could without 'em. This website is chock full of stuff that'll do stuff you need done (even if you didn't know you needed it done--or had even thought of doing it--before you got there...)

My favorite actual useful thing--which I just might order, being left-handed myself--is a SmudgeGuard. It's a piece of glove that goes over your pinkie, down that side of your hand & around your wrist, covering that side of the hand to prevent smudging when we lefties put pen or pencil to paper. Brilliant. And yet so simple, I don't understand why no one (not even me, who's been smudging my writing since kindergarten) had thought of it before. Here's the SmudgeGuard inventor's site, for even more info.

Kudos to bookofjoe for posting about the SmudgeGuard & also posting the list of other great gadget sites, including Cool Tools, that featured that product. I'll be poking around them too, just as he did.


steven said...


Glad to hear you are enjoying Cool Tools. Please let us know if you purchase the SmudgeGuard. We'd love to add your review to our site.

Steven Leckart
Guest Editor, Cool Tools

steveleckart AT gmail DOT com

Chris Davies said...

I've actually just reviewed the SmudgeGuard over at SlashGear:


It's great! We're also running a competition where three readers can win a SmudgeGuard of their own in return for sharing their artistic skills...

repsac3 said...

Thanks for the info, both of you...

I probably will order the smudeguard, as my artistic skills are... ...well... creatively, I'm more of a writer, and not so much even that...

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