Thursday, April 16, 2009

IRT: Donald Douglas is more of a gnat than a threat.

In reply to: Various comments @ American Nihilist: NON SAPIEN NIHILIST OF THE WEEK

Oh Grace... We don't hate or fear Donald. We just find him kinda funny.

Every blogger in our roll has been attacked on Donald's blog, generally without provocation. (In fact, that's the only way to get on the blogroll... attack by the Professor.

More power to those who think he's anything special... You're welcome to believe as you will. But those of us he's deemed "nihilists," with neither proof or reasonable explanation, think him a sad joke.

I don't share Octo's thinking on this legal thing; Donald does occasionally buzz over to other people's blogs, tossing out sad little one-line versions of his AmPow schtick, but he's virtually always swatted down like the gnat that he's become whenever he leaves the safety & security of his home turf and admiring, sycophantic, echo-headed friends like you.

And yes, I have received visits from one or two other folks from AmPow, as well. Aside one ass that even Donald has come out against, I've never received any threats, but if Octo has, Octo should do whatever he needs to to see that he is physically & legally protected.

Donald believes in & perpetuates an "us vs them," "good vs evil" world where those who do not share his views are enemies to be wiped out. While I'm relatively certain that he's not stupid enough to suggest or employ violent means to achieve his ends, I cannot say the same of all of his readership with any certainty. (And he obviously is stupid enough to willfully misunderstand a common expression for angry boss firing folks responsible -- "heads will roll" -- as a death threat, which I only know because Donald keeps insisting on selling that meaning to his readership, no matter how stupid it makes him sound).

((& yes, I also realize the futility of saying any of this--or indeed even talking rationally--to a woman who believes Obama is the anti-Christ, and who wants to break up the U.S.A. and form her own Christian nation with a portion of it, but there you are... Such is the readership of Donald's blog.

You & Phillipe are among the most pleasant folks there, but there's no denying there's issues with you both. Whatever he happens to believe, Phillipe's beliefs about Muslims are not so far away as he'd like us to believe from his early nazi/commie inklings about jews & capitalists... For all his pleasantries, Phillipe, too, seems a man in constant need of some "other;" some "enemy" to hate. I'm sorry, Grace, but you folks deserve each other...))
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