Friday, March 26, 2010

X-Post: Stand Against Tea Party Hatriotism and Bigotry

Oppose those who use or excuse vandalism and violence in the name of advancing a particular political belief (the very definition of terrorism, as far as I'm concerned...). Cutting gas lines and tossing bricks? For all their whining about it aways back, these (the violent ones, not the teabaggers as a whole, or even the subset of hatriots shown in the video above) are the proud right wing extremists Bush's office of Homeland Security warned us about over a year ago.

By and large, Americans are better than all of this. Just say no to the violence, the vandalism, and to the political/social/ethnic/racial/sexist/religious bigotry some choose to engage in out in public. Don't let assholes like these dominate the message or the story that is America.

Wingnuts & Moonbats X-post

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