Saturday, March 19, 2011

In reply: Guilty (and dishonest) until proven innocent (and prolly not even then, for some)

In reply to How Political Lies Spread On The Left, and in particular, this:
What did I just say? Find someone who retracts and I’ll say so, right here. Find a bunch of people who retract and I’ll say it seems like I spoke too soon.

But first — find ONE person to retract. Ask C&L to retract. You see how Karoli acted. Go check and see how others react.
and this too, a little:
Every word a Progressive says is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.
Every accusation a Progressive makes is projection.
Know this, and you know progressives. C&L lie because they don’t know any other way.

Guilty until proven innocent... That's not the America I live in, Lee...

The way I've always understood it, it's incumbent on the person making an allegation to prove that the allegation's actually true, rather than insisting that the accused prove that the allegations against them are not true. If you're going to call folks liars, shouldn't you, y'know, prove that they're lying--or retract the charge if you can't--rather than insisting that they prove they're not the liars you claim they are?

I mean, I know I'm just a liberal n'all... (and thus "don't know any other way" or whatever, because we're all just like that, and sweeping generalizations and partisan bigotry be damned) ...but aren't unsubstantiated allegations like these worth every cent it cost to post and read 'em, and not a penny more?

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