Tuesday, April 26, 2011

X-Post: Donalde Defines "Truthiness" Using Spring Spheres

American Power: Spring Spheres

After echoing this wingnut meme about a progressive attack on Easter, in the form of a sixteen year old girl who wouldn't give her last name or identify any of the schools or teachers involved (her own, or the teacher/school where this event was rumored to've taken place) telling a rightwing radio jock the story of a Washington third grade classroom where Easter Eggs must be called "Spring Spheres," lest Christianity break out, Donald Douglas UPDATES to admit that there is some question as to the story's veracity. (It seems that no legit news organization or religious/educational/political/??? official in the state of Washington or anywhere else can find any proof that this is anything more than propaganda designed and used to attack "the left" for a "PC 'War On Easter'" that never actually took place.)

Of course, The Donalde cannot manage to actually make that admission...
UPDATE: An anonymous leftist commenter slams this as a fake story. So, for the record, here's the other side: "Can KIRO Prove Its "Spring Spheres" Easter Egg Story?"

Naturally progressives would go on the offensive against this, given how much they hate all American holidays, especially Christian holidays.

It doesn't matter to Dr Douglas and those who think like him whether or not the story is actually true... It fits the bullshit meme he's trying to sell (Progressives hate American holidays (and Christian holidays, especially), so the fact that no one can prove the story is in any way true is beside the point. It feels true to The Donalde, and that's all that really matters...

Donald Kent Douglas is acting more like a wannabe Bill O'Reilly (internet division) everyday:

And of course, this isn't the first time Donald has offered up this kinda "Sure the story may be fake, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't believe it" thinkin':
After telling Donald that a picture of Code Pink with a banner that said "We Support The Murder Of The American Troops" was photoshopped, this was Donald's reply: "I don't care if the picture was photoshopped ... I believe that Code Pink wants out troops dead, which is why they "support the resistance" in Iraq, nihilist raghead fighters who are murdering Americans." (Follow this link, and navigate to "Americaneocon's" May 25, 2008, 8:42:30 AM EDT comment.) ((And for reference, here's the link to the post those Echo comments were attached to, before Donald moved to Blogger's comment system and left his old haloscan/echo/js-kit comments floating in the aether...))

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