Monday, May 28, 2012

In Reply: There is such a thing as hate speech, but this wasn't it. (Madeleine McAulay)

In reply to Open Thread: Does Madeleine McAulay's View On Gay Marriage Constitute 'Hate Speech'? (Video)

Nope, it never was hate speech.

I disagree with the idea that religious beliefs should be the basis of secular laws, and would prefer to see the word "marriage" (a religious rite) stricken from all secular laws (perhaps replaced with "legal union," or some such thing), dividing the religious definition from the secular one (the state could recognize the religious marriage ceremony as one form of a legal union, without diluting the term "marriage" by equating the religious rite with the ceremonies performed before judges, ship captains, etc.. It would also allow legislatures to write laws about legal unions that are not beholden to anyone's religion, and without the charge that they're "redefining" anything.

But, I have no problem with folks who see it differently for whatever reason--including their religion--expressing their thoughts on the subject, and do not think there is much of any hate expressed in the video. (If anything, she's more snarky toward (& I believe, politically bigoted against) liberals (as a group, I mean) than she is gay folks... ...though I wouldn't say she hates them, either.)

The video's back up on YouTube, by the by... (I was actually searching for commentary about that--whether YouTube said anything as to why, even after reaffirming their decision a second time when Madeleine appealed, they chose to put it back up--when I stumbled onto this site.)

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