Monday, April 15, 2013

Hateful Anti-Muslim Ghoul Donald Kent Douglas Posts Jew-Bashing Attack on Me — and Jews!

American Power: Hateful Anti-Semitic Ghoul (that's me, according to creepy stalker, Dishonest Donald Douglas) Tweets Jew-Bashing Attack on Pamela Geller — and Israel! ...originally written and posted by Jews, in The Jewish Daily Forward

Read the Jewish Daily Forward piece, which gets to the heart of the difference between disagreeing with Israeli foreign and domestic policy and anti-semitism or hate speech, and decide for yourselves... Whether you agree with the author and commenters or you don't, it's nuanced, and a discussion for adults, which obviously leaves ol' Dishonest Don unprepared and wholly unable to do anything more than vent his spleen.

I have never posted anything about the BDS movement as a response to Israel's policies, (or anything about Israel's policies themselves, for that matter) and don't know much about it. The tweet I posted was in support of the article and the proposition that disagreement with government policy or action is not anti-semitic (or anti-American, etc.) Again, readers can decide for themselves...

Donald Kent Douglas hates, and Donald Kent Douglas lashes out.
No surprise there. He's been doing it for years...

How long until he does it again? Anybody's guess. (History says it won't be long, though.)

His ranting is self-refuting.

American Power: Hateful Anti-Semitic Ghoul Walter James Casper III Tweets Jew-Bashing Attack on Pamela Geller — and Israel!

Why Pamela Geller's Hate Speech Should Be Barred — But BDS Allowed –

Obsessed much, Dr. Douglas?

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