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X-Post: I Defy Anyone to Defend, Justify, Or Try To Rationalize This Creepy, Creepy Threat Made By Donald Kent Douglas

I defy anyone sane and decent--and that includes some of Donald Douglas' biggest supporters, and especially anyone who has ever been swatted, or who chose to leave their home to protect their family from possible bad behavior by those they blogged about--to say that the post below is not very creepy, or that doxing someone with whom you disagree over the internet is EVER justified.

I have already contacted my local police precinct (just so they have a record; there is obviously nothing they can do, so far) and alerted my neighborhood watch block captain and one of my closest neighbors, and intend to take more security precautions tomorrow morning. (No harm in adding another camera or two outside, as well as taking other steps it'd be better if I kept to myself.)

[Legally advised to remove screenshot that was here, as well as certain information from quoted paragraph below.]
" never can be too careful."

Years ago, a reader of my blog had resources from one of those background research sources that for a fee will provide personal information on people. The reader sent me a file on Repsac. I think it even included a photo of his home in [city, state] which I gather is ------ (or that included a link to a photo online). If I recall it was an older one story home, apparently on a street corner, with a large-trunk tree on the front lawn. The place looked kinda run down. That's the basic description, if memory serves me. Not sure. There was a street address as well. There was other information too, about family members. I already know where Casper went to high school and (surprisingly, because he's so retarded) college. Some of this information is easily found just by a quick search for "Repsac3" on Google. But some is definitely proprietary. Basically, hate-addled Walter James Casper's ripe for a doxing. And not just a quick Internet search doxing. We're talking about a full professional investigation-style doxing. All this is speculation, but hey, stalkers do face consequences sometimes, and if anyone deserves the honors it's the universally reviled Repsac3. Frankly, what pisses people off is not only that Repsac's a despicable troll (truly evil, in fact), but that he maintains a stalking hate-blog along the lines of Breitbart Unmasked.

These are all just ruminations and speculation, but you never can be too careful.
-- Donald Kent Douglas

UPDATE: Pertaining to the paragraph quoted above (and posted at original site):

"face consequences," "deserves the honors," "you never can be too careful" (& from next day) "No one cares what happens to him. He deserves whatever malicious fate awaits him. I couldn't care less..."

I hope this information is perfectly clear.
The Illegal Activity of “Doxing”: Revealing “documents or personal information” about a person, without their permission, with the intent to Threaten, Harass, Intimidate, Shame, Humiliate or Place at Risk…. | The Last Refuge

('nuff said, I hope.)

Look, if you want to make fun of my egg-shaped, seasonally shaved head, have at it.

(But trust me, it's all been said before, and probably better--including by me. The first year I shaved it at a St. Baldrick's Foundation event, pretty much everyone I know laughed at me and with me (hopefully more of the latter...) about my Humpty Dumpty fatass head. The "new" twitter user avatar comparison is common. From my point of view, it's all old news, and I don't disagree... My head is egg-shaped. I have an egg-shaped head. Ha-friggin'-Ha.)

But really... Go after my looks, my politics, my intelligence...
Call me a retard, if that's what gets you off (but let's hope Sarah Palin--or anyone who has a developmentally challenged child, sister, uncle, or friend--is not listening to you use that word as an epithet).
Imply I'm a faggot, or no better than a sissy-girl, if that's your thing. (There's a lot of that going around, lately.)
Impune my religion, or claim that I have none.
There's a lot of shit you can say if you really want to try to hurt my feelings or disparage me. (As long as I don't value your opinion--which probably applies to all the folks who would say shit like this in the first place--it won't have the desired effect, but have at it, anyway... Do what you gotta do, crazy diamond...)

But this is a whole other level of creepy, and I have little doubt that almost everyone that Donald or I have ever interacted with online will agree it's the most stalker-like thing that either of us have ever posted about the other. (I also have no doubt that a scant few of Donald's most creepy sycophants will think I deserve whatever trouble he can drum up by doxing me, and whatever happens to me, my home or my family as a result. He has a few really scary "friends.")

To be clear, I include(d) Robert Stacy McCain and everyone else fighting Team Kimberlin in court or online to be in the former group. It would shock me if McCain or any of them were anything less than clear in saying that this is not normal acceptable decent matter what deeds I am in fact responsible for as regards Donald Kent Douglas (or whatever deeds they falsely believe I'm responsible for, as a result of Donald's many lies..

Whatever happened before this post is water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned...
Maybe McCain and those who read his blog really didn't know. (I don't blame them for that. I can't say that I was aware Donald was capable of this level of creepitude, myself.)
I can understand why a friend would take the word of a friend and offer him support without checking to see whether his story held water. (Good friend. Shitty journalist.)

Now that he knows, though...

...I would hope that McCain would set the patently dishonest hit post right--though I could forgive him if he chose not to
...or add a paragraph to the hit post making it clear he stands against the threat as well as the act of doxing one's online enemies, even by his friends. Hopefully he will, but if not, OK. His position on doxing in general is pretty clear to anyone who reads his blog, and whether he chooses to make it clear again in this instance or not, his position is well documented.

But to take up the cause of Donald Kent Douglas in his absurd war against me after today, one has to defend and justify this threat. If Robert Stacy McCain (or almost any of his or McCain's online friends and supporters, but especially the ones for whom BomberSuesBloggers is a thing, ever does that going forward, I will be very, very surprised...

(And I am... Very, very surprised... So yeah... I had to edit out the Bomber Sues Bloggers donation link. While the cause is non-partisan and all about the free speech of bloggers, too many (though not all) of the "bloggers" in question are partisan ideologues who use this cause as a hammer with which to beat on liberals, or lie about and demean the very folks on the left who're supporting their free speech. (In other words, people like me.) If you really want to help, I'm pretty sure Ken White (see link below) maintains a Popehat Signal Fund to help defray costs for pro bono free speech cases. (And if you really want to help these particular bloggers/v/bomber, some of 'em have the same link I deleted here on their own sites.)
"This is what is known as “doxing.” Doxing is always illegal, whether it is done against a federal employee, a state employee, or a regular person. There are federal and state laws that specifically address doxing government employees. With regular citizens, doxing falls under various state criminal laws, such as stalking, cyberstalking, harassment, threats, and other such laws, depending on the state. Since these doxing threats and activities are made on the internet, the law of any state may be invoked, though most often an investigator will look to the state in which the person making the threat is located, if this is known, or the state in which the victim is situated. A state prosecutor can only prosecute violations of the laws of his or her own state, and of acts that extend into their state. When acts are on the internet, they extend into all the states.

Misinformation was spread that doxing is legal. I am not sure how or why anyone fell for that misinformation. Surely, people must understand instinctively, even if they were misled about the law, that if they are threatening someone or putting them at risk, or tormenting or harassing the other on the internet, that this must be illegal. Common sense would tell you that bullying or jeopardizing another would be illegal in some way. So yes, doxing is illegal, no matter who the target."
- Sue Basko - Subliminal Ridge: Understanding Barrett Brown's Case
"UPDATE: By the way, we should be extraordinarily grateful to Sue Basko for her common-sense explanation of why “doxing” is always illegal. This prompts the question, as she says, of why anyone ever fell for the “disinformation” that it was legal.
I’ve got a hunch that this mistaken belief originated in the anonymous/pseudonymous world of hackers and trolls, where nobody’s “real life” identity is known and where, behind the presumed protection of anonymity, people do all kinds of things they would never do publicly under their own names."
- UPDATE: Walker v. Kimberlin, Et Al. (Also: Why ‘Doxing’ Is Always Illegal) - Robert Stacy McCain - The Other McCain

UPDATE, Friday, 1/10/14, 7:10 PM:
Excerpts from Donald Douglas' next hate-rant, showing...well, you folks decide for yourselves what to take from what he says:

"Walter James Casper's a despicable lying half-wit douchebag --- which is to say, he's a regressive leftist. No one cares what happens to him. He deserves whatever malicious fate awaits him. I couldn't care less..."
That Donald feels this way is obvious...and more than a little disturbing. (I mean fine, he really seems to believe I wronged him online somehow...but that justifies his threatening to release personal information about me and my family, and believes that we deserve whatever bad thing that may happen to us as a result?)

Get a life, Casper. I suggest you start by closing up shop at your stalking "jihad" blog American Nihilist, which clearly is the source of all your problems.
I believe the technical name for this is #shutuppery, and is very likely the real reason behind all of Donald's attacks. He wants this blog gone...badly, and if that means someone has to break a few eggs (including that big one on my neck), than so be it. That's what we get for making him mad on the internet.

Honestly, I don't care what my co-bloggers think or do. They're not being stalked by an obsessive-compulsive hate-troll who's allied with and abetted vicious personal attacks on me them, my family their families, and my their livelihoods.


And I'm willing to bet that there are several of Donald's "co-bloggers" (by which I think he means fellow con-bloggers) for whom this would be VERY GOOD NEWS...if it were only true. (I'm thinking' RS McCain and Aaron Walker, would be particularly thrilled, for instance... And then there's Patterico, Ken White, John Hoge, Lee Stranahan, Mandy Nagy, ...)

But the world revolves around Donald Douglas, and it's little surprise that he is the only one he sees...

UPDATE: Saturday, 1/11/2014, 7:00 AM:

So apparently, I was wrong:

Conservative hypocrisy from the daddy figure in Donald's online life... Whodathunkit?

I don't regret thinking better of McCain than his actual worth. I have seen him do the right thing in the past, including admitting he got the facts of a story wrong (and yeah, even when it went against his partisan politics), but I guess telling the awful truths about a lying megalomaniacal fellow "co-blogging" douchebag he considers a friend was more than he could do. Journalism be damned... ...and sometimes, doxing is just another tool in the partisan attack toolbox. IOKIYAAC.

Oh well... Shit happens. All I can do is tell the truth. There are always going to be assholes who'll do everything they can not to hear it... (...and some who'll actually lie about you, too.)

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