Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Ok... If anyone would know, it'd be you...
As of now (4-23-06) where is Tony playing?
What's he doing...

I called the Mill Pond Inn, but they told me he doesn't play there anymore... I found a few other sightings, but you seem to have the most info... So???

Who I am: My name's James... Tony sat right behind me in Whitman HS homeroom for a few years (Kevin "KC" Carney was in front of me... I heard somewhere he was playing with Roomful of Blues sometime in the 80's. Needless to say, there was plenty of music talk buzzing by me 'tween those two.) I wasn't really friends with either of 'em, but we got along ok...

I also used to see Rising Sun a bit at Apples, & then West Hills Inn (wasn't there a regular gig there?) Have an album, signed & everything (though one of 'em signed it to Paul--& Tony did know me well enough to correct it)

I was listening to a bunch of covers today, & got to thinkin about their cover of I Saw Her Standing There... That's how the search began & why I'm here, now...

So, If you have any info... (You know the drill)
J Casper

Posted April 23, 2006

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