Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fun with Ilana (& Bill), part B 1/2

I was going to completely skip this topic for today...

There is no rush, anymore, as Ilana has closed off all further comment on the Hornbeck / O'Reilly entries on her blog. (From what I can tell, this is not unusual behavior. All of her blog entries except the most recent few have their comment areas closed to further comment.) So, there is no reason to rush, as it's unlikely that she & I will have much further contact. I still plan to finish the saga, however... I just figured it'd be nice to take a day off from it.

But last night, I noticed that Ms. Mercer had posted her vicious little Defense of Bill O'Reilly screed at a new site: Free Market News Network. And, to my delight, they had a place to post Feedback. I suppose you can guess what I did next...

Yep, I finally got to post my whole reply to Ilana's defense of O'Reilly article. It was vetted, & perhaps edited slightly by Free Market News--so slightly I cannot tell, for sure--but it appeared earlier today.

That made me feel good enough, but a few comments below mine, a person using the nom de keyboard, "concerned" began his/her comment thusly: "repsac3, your post was the most reasoned comment on this event I have read." Makes me jazzed to be a vocal American!!

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