Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Reply: "Seeing people left & right as individuals, rather than as groups that speak & act as one."

Apparently, Donnie thinks I fear you folks...

Not so much, actually....

No one at the 52/48 site--be they from the left or from the right (& yes, you folks do seem to ignore all the contributions from folks on the right, there)--is suggesting that you give up your principles, like Obama any better than you ever have, or adopt any other political philosophy... It's suggesting that you (& we) stop demonizing anyone & everyone who doesn't agree with you (or "us")...

That anyone would consider me any kind of Obama cultist is kinda funny. No Democrat, no Obama materials, & didn't even vote for the guy...

Jason has the right idea in his comment: "I suggest accurate, factual, but tough and firm criticism."

Sure, you can look to the way Bush was treated by some on the left (which many of you railed about incesently) & vow to to the same to Obama & Democrats (or "almost the same, except respectfully" in a sorry effort to appear less of a hypocrite than the vow itself evidences, given all that whining), but many Americans are tired of the whole thing, and will reject anyone on any side who goes that way...

you ought to read your quotes of others with understanding and present them in that way before using them to promote yourself.
Promote myself? What in hell are you talking about, Griper? (What are the chances you'll actually answer?)

I copied what the man said... It's what the site is about. It's what many Americans are about. Not compromise, but respect & understanding for those with whom you differ. Yes, folks on the left need to be more respectful, too. Of course they do... We all do.

@Tom the Redhunter:
So what does "repsac" thing [sic] our reaction should be?
Respect for other Americans. Argument, based on the merits. Less divisive namecalling & appeals to worn out labels. Seeing people left & right as individuals, rather than as groups that speak & act as one.
I took a trip to his blog, where his last post is an attack on anyone who is not happy that Obama won. Conveniently, he doesn't say what our reaction should be, or what his would have been had McCain won.
My last post was about this same 52/48 site. It isn't an attack on those who aren't happy Obama won, but an "attack" on those who prefer divisiveness to respect. It wasn't about Obama, or anyone's reaction to the election results, at all... EXCEPT... I did post two RIGHTWING bloggers reactions to the election, as examples of folks who had the right idea as regards respect for others. (So much for Tom's "wingnut" theory...)

((Any of you folks who thought the fair professor was dead wrong about McCain from the start, and only voted for the runner up in the "Worst Republican Candidate (running) in the World" contest (I know... For most of you, Ron Paul was the "worst") because you had no other choice, you'll probably like Patrick M's "Sane Political Discourse" blog, one of the two I mention... Disagreement, without being disagreeable... (unless you throw the first punch... Then all bets are off, there...))

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