Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 3/13/09

Interesting read: Hospital CEO knows financial health is important, too: A Radical Perspective.....: The American Spirit is Alive and Well in Boston

Blog Post: Wingnuts & Moonbats: Beck: People ‘Pushed To The Wall’ By ‘Political Correctness’ Launch Spree Killings

Blog Post: Wingnuts & Moonbats: Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: The Extended Interview

Comment: Constitutional amendment to replace the word "marriage" with "civil union" in laws that affect marriage?: Wingnuts & Moonbats: Take Government out of the Marriage Business: A better reconciliation on Gay Marriage

Comment: The pull of the blog is strong, young one... but we'll give you a pass... : insert clever s.logan here: (Don’t Pay Any Attention to Me. I’m Not Really Here.)

Comment: Sorry, McFly... We just don't care... ...and maybe you shouldn't, either... : Brain Rage: Insecurity: It Ain't The Size Of The Wave...

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