Thursday, July 02, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 7/1/09


It's a shame, sir, that you criticize the behavior of others, and then justify acting in that same way because "they did it first." As I've said to you before on this blog and elsewhere, change begins with you and with me, one by one and conversation by conversation. If you believe something is wrong when done by that side, it is equally wrong when done by this side. I'm not quite sure whether your argument is that bad behavior is justified as retribution, or justified because it works, but either way, I take issue with your saying that bad behavior is justified.:
Valley of the Shadow: The Post Plague Year Rules for Commenting

These serial pity parties that the PUMAs and a few others on the right are constantly throwing for Sarah Palin are going to backfire, by making her look weak and / or not sufficiently thick skinned enough for national public office.:
New York - Runnin' Scared - Latest Sarah Palin Permanent-Campaign Prop: Wonkette

We all should lead by example:
Immoderate Monk: The Golden Rule compels you

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