Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 9/11/09

Took some time away... I'm baaaack...


"Blaming every liberal for the bad acts of any liberal --and not being intellectually honest enough to do the same when judging themselves, of course--is the only way cons like Don can maintain his web'o'deceit.":
American Power: VIDEO! ACORN Tells "Pimp Prostitute"; How to Lie to IRS

Some facts regarding illegal aliens & healthcare reform:
American Power: Joe Wilson: America's Congressman

Applauding or booing are permitted; calling the President a liar while acting in your official capacity as a member of the House of Representatives, while in the chamber...? Not so much...
American Power: Democrats Interrupt 2006 Bush Speech, Cheer Obstructionism on Entitlement Reform

Again, applauding or booing are not against House rules. Calling the President a liar, whether he's speaking in the chamber or not, is.
An Un-American Display? No Way To Treat A President? : Stop The ACLU

Pro paved driveway shooter kills owner of gravel pit.:
American Power: The Town Halls of August: A Chronicle of the Goons (Also kills anti-abortion activist in separate incident.)
Same story, same comment again: American Power: Pro-Life Activist Shot and Killed in Owosso, Michigan

Anti-Pavement Wholesaler Shot And Killed In Owosso, MI. (or "theblogprof: BREAKING: Anti-Abortion Activist Shot And Killed In Owosso, MI. Will He Get The Air Time That Tiller Got? UPDATED with Video")

Immoderate Monk: "The ends don't justify the means" post #1002 (or "theblogprof: CONFIRMED! Anti-Abortion Activist James Pouillon Murdered In Owosso Because Killer Was "was 'offended' by Pouillon’s anti-abortion messages"" - 3 comments)

Immoderate Monk: Undaunted by facts, theblogprof keeps spinnin' (or "theblogprof: 6 Hours After Tiller Murder, Obama Released A Statement Condemning The Act, 24 Hours After Anti-Abort Activist Gunned Down, Crickets Chirping" - 3 comments)

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