Friday, September 25, 2009

Roundup and Commentary - 9/24/09

Most undertakings don't take forever. In each of our lives there are plenty of things we would like to be doing that we could be doing. But we hesitate. We're afraid of failure. We're afraid of frustration. We lack self-confidence.

It's a vicious circle and it must be broken. It must be broken. Once you decide that, that's all there is to it. Make a commitment. Start carrying it through. Carry it through, and the next commitment will be easier to make. Complete this project, and renewed confidence will make it easier to start the next. The circle breaks here.

Inertia is a force that works against you when you feel like doing something and you're doing nothing. But if you seize the day and start doing something, than inertia works with you, it keeps you going till the job is done.

The way to build self-confidence is to start doing things. Things you're sure you can do, like walking to the icebox for another beer, won't improve matters any, so the way to build self-confidence is to start doing things you're not sure you can do. Like flirting with strangers. Like baking your own bread. Like painting a picture. Like moving to the Yukon. Whatever it is, the trick is: stop thinking about it. Do it. Seize the day and get started and stay with it, and things will get easier and easier from here.
- Paul Williams, Das Energi


"Most who oppose some or all of Obama's ideas are not racists. But some (fringe elements among those who rise in opposition) are. Those who'd rather defend or excuse this fringe element rather than admit that they exist, are doing themselves no favors, and may even be hurting their movement."
- American Power: Are Independents Against Obama Racist "Fringe Elements"?

"The fringe elements in every group deserve to be exposed, and I take no issue when someone says "this guy is a nut." (as long as s/he can prove it). But it'd be foolish to define any group by the fringe elements that choose to associate with 'em, in effect saying "Because this guy's a nut, everyone he spends time with is a nut, as well."."
- American Nihilist: Donald Douglas likes to delete posts.

"Until the "radical" idea that being gay doesn't take away your right to unite with the person of your choice becomes everyday common sense, a "radical" you will stay, no matter how "traditionally" you behave."
- Agnostics Unlimited: Gay Marriage

"I suspect it's going to take both the "out, loud, and proud" gay activist and the everyday man at the park with his kids and woman who works in the next cube over (both of whom happen to be gay) to influence enough of our fellow Americans, in elected office and out, to allow for the recognition that your sexuality doesn't make you any less of a citizen. And of course even then, some will always be left behind."
- American Power: Congressman Claims Same-Sex Marriage is Push for Socialism: You Think?

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