Monday, November 23, 2009

X-Post: Climate Conspiracy Trutherism

American Nihilist X-post

It's just what the world needs... Climate Truthers (More here.)

I accept that global climate change is a theory, and that there are scientists who believe it either isn't happening, or that it is, but that the actions of human beings play little to no part in creating it, and can play little to no part in slowing or stopping it. I think it's important to pay attention to the political/social/economic backgrounds of those who speak passionately for or against the theory of climate change, and weigh their words accordingly.

However, the idea that a whole bunch of scientists are getting together and conspiring to fake data and lie to the public in the name of propagating a particular theory as to whether & why the climate throughout the world changes--and that the proof of this is to be found in e-mail "confessions"--strikes me as being right up there with the folks who cannot accept that the Towers fell because of damage sustained by the planes, Oswald acted alone, Obama was born in Hawaii, and Lennon/McCartney really did write all those hit songs themselves.

Of course, I'm sure that that's all just what they want me to think...

The truth is out there, nutbags... The truth is out there...

(As you read these guys, just ask yourself the great conspiracy theorist question: "Who benefits?")

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