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X-Post: Donald Douglas: "I'm no birther... (I just post like one.)

American Nihilist X-post

In his post Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Dr Douglas posts the following ad, which apparently appeared in the Washington Times (Moonie, rather than Murdoch, this time) on 11/30/09:

Obama's Lack of Constitutional Eligibility-The 3 Enablers-20091130 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly-pg 9

Of course, Donald immediately backpedals, saying "I'm no "birther," but on this, Andrew McCarthy speaks for me, "Suborned in the U.S.A.: The Birth-Certificate Controversy is About Obama’s Honesty, Not Where He Was Born."
(Read it for yourself. To me it comes down to saying "I'm not a birther, but I believe Obama's lying about just about everything, so I want to see that birth certificate, anyway..." Donald is not a birther. He just approvingly posts their ads on his blog, demands to see the REAL birth certificate, and otherwise behaves JUST LIKE A BIRTHER. Denialism, thy name is Douglas.)

And of course, since there's monkeys involved, Donald has to deny being a bigot, as well.

"There's nothing racist about this advertisement, but to the radical left, that's raaacist!!!"

As one of his commenters (honorary nihilist James Webb) rightly pointed out at Don's post, "Halfrican American" Donald Douglas (that's not racist, right? I mean, Con Chairman Rush used it, and very few of his dittoheads or hive-minded sicko-phants complained) went apeshit (no pun intended) and squealed like a slimy stuck polecat (not racist either, even if a polecat's fur is black & white) when James posted a photoshopped pic of Don getting his ass kicked by a damned dirty ape--he whined at the time that James was calling HIM an ape: American Power: Blacks as Monkeys? Even When Leftists Hit Bottom, They Keep Digging (Yep, it's only racist (raaacist!!!) when Donald says it is), which as you can see, makes no sense whatsoever. Victimhood. It's not just for whiney half-term governors, anymore. (James' reply to Donald's charge of racism (raaacism!!!) back then appears here.) And the good Ph.D. is still making that claim: "Donald Douglas said... "No JBW, you inferred I was a monkey, this ad does not ...". Sorry, Don. At best, James implied you were a monkey--except of course, that he didn't. The "monkey" (ape) in the photo was the other character, not you. If anyone inferred you were a monkey at all, it was you, yourself. (imply/infer) I'll leave it to your wingnut psychiatrist, Doc Sanity, to diagnose you over the innernets & tell you what that says about your mental state, but like many who'll read this, I have my own suspicions.

That said, I agree with Dr. Douglas; there's nothing racist (or raaacist!!!) about that advertisement. There was nothing racist (or raaacist!!!) about the famous NY Post (Murdoch, not Moonie) cartoon, either. Both of 'em--& perhaps Don begging for mercy from Gen. Thade, too--might be a little racially insensitive, though...

Like it or don't, there's a difference between using words or pictures of primates in media discussing white folks vs black folks. If you're going to discuss whether a person's cheap, (or has a big nose), you might want to be aware of whether or not s/he's jewish, first. Writing about "the mob near the buffet table" implies different things about an italian wedding than it does about an irish one, even when the implications aren't intended.

It doesn't make one a bigot or a racist (raaacist!!!) to use monkeys in ads or commentary about particular black folks, or to suggest a particular jewish person is frugal, especially if you have examples of the person acting frugally, but it's also foolish to pretend there's no possibility that other's may see your comments as being racially/religiously insensitive, and that perhaps you ought to rethink your phrasing or illustrations.

Donald knows all this (when it's convenient for him to know all this, anyway), but pretends otherwise in an effort to everlastingly paint all on the left as RAAADICALS!!!! (And for Dr Douglas, little things like facts and honesty take a back seat to the ability to scream "raaadical!!!" (or "niiihilist!!!") at everyone & everything with which he disagrees.)

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