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X-Post: Donald Douglas stamps his feet in a(nother) petulant frenzy

American Nihilist x-post

And she slammed the door
(The door!)
In a petulant frenzy!
(A petulant frenzy!
This is a petulant frenzy!
I'm petulant, and I'm having a frenzy!!) - FZ

In his post American Power: E.D. Kain Alleges Defamation: True/Slant Blogger's Workplace Intimidation Attempts to Shut Down American Power!, americanneocon blogger Donald Douglas once again loses his shit and whines because a blogger he's been attacking struck back by alerting the department head at the community college where Donald teaches (Long Beach City College, in Long Beach, CA) to allege defamation.

I'm not going to go through Professor Douglas' whole paranoid, angry, whiney rant -- or for that matter to justify what the blogger (E.D. Kain @ The League of Ordinary Gentlemen) apparently did--I don't know that I would've done the same, but then, I don't know all the details, either -- but I did want to note that Donald once again accused me of an attack I never made.

Near the conclusion of his piece, Don says :

"So, pardon me if my language is a little off color, dear readers. E.D. Kain's not the first, though. I've been previously threatened with workplace intimidation by (O)CT(O)PUS and Repsac3 (see "DEFAMATION - DONALD STYLE"). They posted my college vice-president's information online and encouraged readers to file complaints against American Power with LBCC's administration!
So, E.D. Kain's in good company. None of these freaks can't handle the truth. In fact, they're totalitarian libel bloggers, classic leftists, and I won't stand for it."
Of course, if you follow the link (or any of the links that "defamation" post contains, including the discussion of it over at American Power, itself), you'll notice that I never posted any of the information Donald alleges I did, or encouraged anyone to do anything with the info that Octo posted, either. As I said at the time (& as I say every time he drags out this "poor me" victim card) Donald Douglas is clearly lying. I have repeatedly challenged Donald to produce any quote of my posting info about him personally that he himself had not posted previously, or to show one instance of my encouraging folks to contact anyone as regards him or his blogging, and he has failed to do so every time. The challenge still stands, though I predict that he will not do so this time, either. When it comes down to it, Donald Douglas is nothing more than a fairly large and smelly wind, offering the promise of substance, but dissipating in the air rather than producing a thing. Yes, dear readers, Donald Douglas' charges often resemble a fart in the breeze.

It wouldn't be a big deal -- I expect nothing less of Donald -- but his reasoning -- some kinda distributive theory that says whatever one author at a group blog writes, all authors at that blog are responsible for -- is part & parcel of his demonization of everyone with whom he disagrees. We're ALL nihilists, whatever our individual sin against the great Donald Douglas, and the peculiar "truths" for which he stands. E.D. Kain & I might as well be the same person, according to Donald. We each disagree with him, and thus we each are bad, bad men. Those who most often comment at his blog tend to be of this same mindset, so it's all one big circle-jerk of "me good, everyone else bad." over there.

As a most interesting postscript to this whole situation, check out the manly macho bravado with which our hero beats his hairy chest in the post (for the benefit of those who don't choose to read through it, a quick sampling:
"Intimidation and threats mean nothing. They won't silence me. They only prove the juvenile cowardice of the claimant." 

"Hey, if it's a little in-your-face, and vulgar even, MAN UP BIG BOY!! Turn off your Ladies' Hallmark Christmas movies and GET IN THE ARENA!!"

"a spineless prick whose last inclination is to stand up like a man and TAKE SOME FREAKING RESPONSIBILITY!!"

"perhaps E.D. Kain can verify for us whether this discussion is accurate. WOULDN'T WANT TO SLANDER ANYONE, YOU KNOW!! That's right, perhaps another writer at NeoConstant showed such concern for the Oprah Winfrey demographic!"

"Forgive my language, but I'm calling bulls**t!! The last thing E.D. wants is true intellectualism, because to do so he'd actually have to subject his ideas to criticism. And to this day, after a number of essays written here, E.D.'s not once taken up the challenge. And why? Arrogance and secrecy, remember. The big "pomo" hotshot now at True/Slant just can't deign to tarry with the old bloggers he so eagerly published at NeoConstant! Moreover, besides the risk of getting his butt kicked in open debate, such engagement would compromise E.D.'s previously smooth but clandestine repudiation of his former neocon roots."

So when you go to comment on Donald's post to challenge him, what do you suppose you find?

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

Yep, that's some real manly bravery right there, Don. Wouldn't want anyone to kick your ass in open debate on your own blog, thereby compromising your reputation as a "big time" assho thinker... 

Perhaps a blogger who hails from Don's side of the fence--which in no way suggests he's not one of Donald's many enemies or "nihilists," obviously--said it best. In discussing this very topic, Walker Morrow says:

"Donald Douglas needs to totally f*ck off right now. He reads like he's got a bad case of sour grapes because of NeoConstant's sudden closure - either that, or he just can't stand a little criticism. Either way, he needs to back off." 

We hear ya, Walker...

UPDATE: E.D. Kain responds, via comment @ Donald's (still moderated) post. The relevant portion appears below:
There is simply no reason why we can't disagree and still be amicable. Sure, politics is all about battling it out, but it certainly doesn't have to be personal. Like I said, I've never once called you out by name. I've never once dragged your name through the dirt. I may have had harsh words for neoconservatism, but that's just a political ideology. That's not you.
Unfortunately for Mr Kain, that is not the way of Donald Douglas. Donald believes he embodies neoconservatism, and thus an attack on it is indeed an attack on him. Political enemies are personal enemies, and any sign of weakness -- like, say, admitting one was wrong about anything they said or did -- is just blood in the water.

While Donald allowed the comment to appear, he has not yet responded publicly. Will he make nice behind the scenes, but say nothing about it on his blog, or will he return with another attack? It'd be unlikely for him to accept the apology & move on after all he's said about E.D. Kain -- and even if he did, it wouldn't be long before his next personal, ad hom laden attack, anyway -- but I guess it's possible. His feud with Cassandra at Villianous Company ended sweetly, with each playing the "no enemies on the right" game, but I doubt that ol' Don could get away with doing the same here, given all he's already said.

We shall see...

UPDATE 2: Donald is so damned predictable... Attack, it is... American Power: E.D. Kain Contacts Department Again: Intimidation Campaign Escalates; Fake 'Apology' Seals Moral Indictment Against True/Slant Blogger! 

Donald's feelings are obviously hurt, and he's bellowing demands again, the same way he did when James Webb @ Brain Rage kicked his ass during the "photoshop saga." "I want an apology to me posted on his site, and a statue to my neo-conservative macho brilliance erected in the center of his hometown, and..." Blah, blah, blah... Same old shit. 

E.D. Kain can do whatever he likes, of course, but Donald's behavior is set in stone. Give him what he wants, and he'll just demand more... And until Donald's "enemies" are all preaching from his partisan holy book (or at the very least, not preaching at all, anymore), he's going to keep bitching & moaning regardless of how you treat him... Might as well stay true to your values and let Donald Douglas make his own bed. I've no doubt he'll create a situation where he gets everything he deserves, eventually... You get back what you send out, and karma is a bitch.

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