Thursday, December 17, 2009

X-Post: Donald Douglas' Wingnut Echo Chamber

American Nihilist X-post

And of course, Donald's friends & fellow travelers get into the act...

Donald references this submission by Michael van der Galien, which as you can see, is a cut and paste of part of Donald's post here, with a different title on it.

Of course, when I tried to point that out at newsreal (where Galien cut'n'pasted Donald's post) at about 4 this morning (Eastern), saying
"Maybe I'm not understanding how this place works (or maybe I AM, all too well) but it looks to me like Michael van der Galien wrote nothing but the header on this post (and surprise, surprise, the actual author, Donald Douglas, is now referencing this cut & pasted post as "proof" that his claims about E.D. Kain are factual... Is anyone really shocked that Donald Douglas here on Newsreal thinks the claims of Donald Douglas @ American Power offer readers the Gospel Truth?)

Smoke & mirrors, and an echo chamber the size of the Grand Canyon... ...and as obvious." - From Immoderate Monk: Donald Douglas' Wingnut Echo Chamber

I discovered that it was yet another moderated blog, and my submission has yet to appear (12 hours later).


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