Thursday, February 09, 2012

In Reply: What It Was, Was Personal Conflict Disguised As Political Blogging

Revised and extended, in reply to the following comment by The Griper at the SaberPoint blog post, "Strange Things Are Happening....Donald Douglas Annoyed by Leftwing Blogger"
"they have been at each other's throats for ages, stogie. and the professor is not the first to be the subject of repsac's posts."

Yeah, Griper, that "repsac" guy just stinks, dud'ne?

While I'm sure there must be some truth to what you say, Gripe, what happened in this case was different than the arguments I had with most folks, most times... Only speakin' for and about myself here, I kinda lost sight of the difference between arguing the point and arguing the man somewhere along the way... ...and I'm trying to fix it.

So, you can certainly pile on and denounce my bad behavior in this situation if you choose (I can't say as I disagree, even), but there was more to it than one blogger quoting another's post and debating ideas, which is pretty common all throughout the political blogosphere (and what happened betwixt you and I a few times, as I recall.) The situation Stogie wrote about became a "him against me" personality-driven, nasty-ass grudge match, which isn't so common--not even in my blogging, and not even when I was opposing others (and that includes you, Griper, my friend)--and I'm trying to jump on the wagon and not do that no more...

I can't undo the past... I can only go forward from here...

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