Monday, February 13, 2012

X-Post: Beautiful Girl, Magnificent Car... But For Me, The Music...

First, for anyone who hasn't seen it, watch the commercial:

Now anybody who knows me well knows the first thing I did after seeing this was to rush to my computer, looking for... ...the song that for me, made this ad as hot as it was.

I found it, of course... Smokescreen: Willis: MP3 Download Come Get Some: Willis: MP3 Download

"Willis is the stage name of Hayley Willis, a female vocalist from London, England and is probably most famous for her cover of Cameo’s 80’s hit “Word Up”, used to great effect in the US television drama ‘CSI’ and subsequently followed by over 100,000 people on YouTube." Word Up (Willis): Various Artists: MP3 Download

The gal is beautiful, and the car is awesome, but the music... man, that music... is what does it for me...

More info:
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