Sunday, June 10, 2012

In Reply: Quinn Cummings Talks (and authors book about) Home-Schooling

In reply to: The QC Report: There's a Smart Young Woman on a Light Blue Screen

First off, you look and sound great and, while too many such videos will forever take away my ability to "hear" what you write as coming out of the mouth of Lucy McFadden*, I suppose that is a good thing... ...though, I'll miss it, too.

It also has me very interested in reading the book, so it succeeds on that level, as well. Like one of the other commenters, I get a little wary around homeschoolers who do it to insulate their children from certain political or social views, because differing views are part and parcel of being an American, and it's never too early to learn to navigate those waters, but there is much value in understanding how your child learns and being able to give them the kind of individualized instruction that works best for them. (Parents ought to do that, regardless... Public education should be a floor; There is no reason parents cannot or should not supplement it with their own expertise about their own kids, even if they cannot or do not wish to homeschool.)

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*for those reading this here on What'd I Say, Google it, if you don't already get the reference.

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