Thursday, June 28, 2012

List: Blocked On Twitter By...

As of 6/28/12, (in order of most recent to least recent, as far as I know) I am blocked on Twitter by:

@jtLOL - Jim Treacher - Discovered today (6/28/12) and a complete surprise. The last time we interacted in any form was months ago, as far as I can even recall...and I think that was as commenters on some third party's blog, rather than via twitter. Nevertheless, I'm honored that he thought me worthy.

@Skye820 - Tania Gail (Ciolko) - Discovered 6/23/12--(but probably in place a whole lot longer than that--perhaps years, even--because I can't even hazard a guess as to the last time we interacted via any medium)--when she added her cents to a Donald Douglas slam on me, after he mentioned her in one of his tweets. "Casper fears me."

For the record, Skye820 and I had a few interactions on one of her blogs (now defunct - See: Wingnuts and Moonbats: Free Speech, Imus, and the Free Market) and in Youtube comments about anti-war protests back in 2007. If we interacted anywhere more than ten times in total between January, 2008 and now, I'd be surprised. That she ever accused me of "stalking" her to anyone, even based on the 2007 interactions--where I commented on her public blog no more than 5-10 times, probably, (mostly about the Imus case, as I recall) and also at youtube videos (one or two she posted, and a few others where we were both just commenters) for another 10 or so--is pretty laughable.

As I said in reply to her tweet (or was it Donald's?), the political blogosphere is pretty small, and anyone who hasn't interacted with many of the same people at/in different venues probably doesn't go to more than one or two very insular venues to start with. Even following someone from one venue to a second to see more of what they post--which I suppose it's possible I did do, perhaps seeing a YouTube video that she embedded at her blog, and then going to YouTube to watch and comment on it--shouldn't really be all that scandalous to anyone who's spent more than a few days on the internet. In fact, I'd argue that it's pretty common, and what most people who embed their videos or other activities hosted at other sites INTEND for you to do. I'm just sayin'

@AndrewBreitbart - Disgraced Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart - Blocked Sunday, April 25, 2010 - One of his fellow right-winger fans--or maybe just a troll--sent me a racist photo ( A quick search revealed that the guy sent weird photos to pretty much everyone who argued with Breitbart on twitter. Mine just happened to be racist), and I used it to rebut Breitbart's claim that there are no racist right-wingers. Hilarity ensues. (In this case, hilarity came in the form of a knee-jerk banning, rather than any reflection about what actually happened. In retrospect though, I was wrong to hold disgraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart responsible for his wacked out, bigoted fan (or troll).) The whole sordid tale, with photos and links and all, is recounted here. As with Jim Treacher--moreso, in fact--I was honored to be blocked by such a prominent wingnut blowhard.

@AmPowerBlog - Donald Kent Douglas - (Since the day he started the account, prolly. He obviously fears my obvious superior moral fortitude, obviously.) - If there's anyone reading this post who doesn't know the backstory, please peruse as many posts as it takes at the following blog to understand why we're not tweeps.: American Nihilist (another blog I once started, currently in hibernation). There is no honor to be had from this blocking...and no honor in the man doing the blocking, either...

Updates up top, as needed.


Kevin Robbins said...

Congrats on the banishment, Reppy. Sensitive aren't they?

W James Casper said...

Well, I can see both sides... There's no reason anyone should have to put up with people they'd rather not deal with, especially when there are technological ways of insulating oneself. On the other hand, putting oneself into an insular bubble of like minded friends really isn't the way to go.

Of my blocks, I can most understand disgraced conservative propagandist Andrew Breitbart. He really wasn't to blame for his bigoted friend (or troll, if that's who s/he was), and I was wrong to hold him responsible for that other person's behavior. OTOH, had he done a simple search, he would've seen the situation for what it actually was, rather than the way he portrayed it.

Dr. Douglas and Tania each have some whacked out fantasies about my stalking and/or harassing them...but since they do seem to actually believe their whacked out fantasies, I can understand their blocking me, as well.

Treacher though, is a complete mystery. Either I don't recall some kinda serious argument with him, or he's a mighty thin-skinned individual...which is ironic, considering that he seems to be the most literally troll-like of the four... He is the one most likely to post some insulting, snarky comment, on the top-tier blogs, anyway... He's reached some success--if you think working for Tucker Carlson is success, anyway--but I don't see the appeal. He's neither particularly funny or insightful... He's a right-wing attack dog, sure...but those are a dimea dozen on the Internet. Jim Treacher is nothing special, least as far as I'm concerned... (But then, that and a buck'll get you a deli coffee, so take it for what it's worth...)

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