Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Post: The continued lies of Donald Douglas: "Andrew Breitbart Blocks Racist Repsac3 on Twitter!"

Predictably, Donald gets this one wrong, as well...

American Power: Andrew Breitbart Blocks Racist Repsac3 on Twitter!

I guess it's all in the timing, but, interestingly, Andrew Breitbart also banned Repsac3 today:

While technically, the term is "blocked," so far so good... @andrewbreitbart did indeed block me today, after one of his minions (or perhaps some wacked out fan, but a Con, nevertheless) sent me a bigoted photo to which I objected.
Here's where Donald has the right raw materials, but falls off the rails of truth, regardless:
No surprise the issues are the same: Repsac3's racist bigotry. He was stalking Andrew with racially derogatory Twitpics, trying to smear conservatives.
Um, no... Let's look at those links again.

After a short but pretty much reasonable exchange of tweets with @andrewbreitbart about his seeming obsession with @EricBoehlert -- While I no longer have the tweet, Breitbart said it had something to do with Boehlert's well-trimmed beard, as I recall -- I got the following message from Cletus Trollbia/trappedroom :
And if you follow the link:
That's right, a bigoted picture sent to me by somebody else... But why blame @andrewbreitbart? Good question. Here's the good answer:
Is he friends with @andrewbreitbart? I have no clue, but I can tell you this; he seems to be a conservative, judging by the folks he chooses to follow on twitter, and a whole lotta people that Breitbart argued with over the last few days received these bizarre photos from this clown, though mine happened to be the most bigoted one of the bunch:
And this is only the most recent... There's 2-3 more pages of this same kinda crap, almost all of which is directed at people who argued with @andrewbreitbart just before this ass posted a picture in that tweeps "honor"... (I could prove that too, but you folks should do at least a little of the work...) I don't know if the guy's a friend of Breitbart or just some nut, but the fact is, he's doing this to liberals who argue with Andrew Breitbart. And as I said in my tweet to him (one of the ones to which Donald links, though the photo shows it more clearly) With friends like these, who needs enemies? And just like Donald, when confronted with facts that don't fit his meme (a bigoted Conservative), Breitbart turned tail and ran, ignoring the fact that I laid the situation out for him, too:
J. Casper: @andrewbreitbart All you need do is check the history of the guy who sent it to me @TrappedRoom... and his message supporting you...
J. Casper: @andrewbreitbart but don't sweat blocking me anyway... I knew it was coming... Why fight, when you can run away?

And as for Donald Douglas... Well, if he saw the twitter statuses above, he also saw the ones below that show that it was a conservative "friend" of Breitbart who sent the bigoted photo to me... ...but that didn't fit the dishonest story Donald wanted to tell, so he just ignored those tweets, once again proving what a liar he can be...

repsac3: 1) @TrappedRoom - Supporter of @andrewbreitbart - (& check his history of harassing Breitbart's "enemies")

repsac3: 2) @TrappedRoom - Sender of bigoted photo (even @andrewbreitbart thinks so-but blames me: ) -

The dishonesty of folks like Breitbart and Douglas is staggering... ...and they know we're on to 'em, too, so they shut their eyes and wish us away...

Sorry Cons, it's just not that easy...
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