Saturday, April 03, 2010

IRT: "name-calling and vitriol" and blogs we visit regularly (Do we like 'em a little or a lot, LOT?)

In reply to: The disconnect between this comment at an American Power post about the blog Parsley's Pics, and this comment by the same person at the blog Parsley's Pics. (Comment posted at the latter blog and link.)


Perhaps I shouldn't bring this up, but I'm surprised you didn't speak up in defense of our evil, hateful, jihadi, "seething toxic dump of leftist hatred," tnlib over at Don's place...

While you didn't exactly toss tnlib under Don's bus, it might've been nice had you made it more clear that those sites with the name-calling and vitriol didn't include Parsley's Pics, in your opinion...

I'm sorry if you think this query rude, but after reading your generally reasonable replies on sites like this one-- Douglas labeled "hate site" The Swash Zone and Truth101's place come to mind, immediately--I've taken to wondering how you walk that fine line between Donald Douglas considering you a blog buddy and he and his thinking you an evil nihilist collaborator for actually treating folks with whom you disagree with common decency and respect.

While I disagree with your politics, I for the most part think you a fine fellow, but I do kinda wish you'd speak your mind more clearly when Donald engages in these attacks on the individuals and blogs you visit pretty regularly, whether in agreement with him or otherwise...

(Two bits well spent, after waiting entirely too long... Unless there's a comment in need of reply, that itch is scratched, and I'll say no more on the subject...)

Comment submitted/posted 4/3/10, 10:27 AM (PP blog time) at PARSLEY'S PICS: Don't speak English, speak "Teabonics"

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