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IRT: "Marxists and Fornicators Indoctrinators Everywhere!!"

In reply to/in support of: Capitalism: A Love Story - STUDENTS FOR INDEPENDENT MEDIA

Read about the showing on Professor Donald Douglas’ blog (American Power: Long Beach City College Premier of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story).

***[UPDATE 4/29/10 - Apparently that post--and thus all links to it--have fallen down the memory hole. Here's a link to a cached version from April 27th, 2010: American Power: Long Beach City College Premier of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story (cached version). ***UPDATE 8/11/10: The cache link no longer works, either. I've now posted the screencaps, as promised.*** We now return you to the original post, already in progress...]***

I noticed he didn’t seem to enjoy the film or the discussion that followed, and that he sees Marxists, lesbians, “leftist indoctrinators” and other assorted enemies to his own narrow world view throughout the whole LBCC faculty and student population.

As a blogger who has repeatedly engaged him and found him to be far more concerned with massaging his own ego and verbally bullying those with whom he does not agree–he has an extensive “enemies list” that he regularly attacks on his blog the same way he did SIM and the professors who took part in the premiere event–the remaining faculty, staff, and student body (commies all, I’m sure) has my utmost sympathies.

Given the attack–and the degree to which I dislike bullies, of any stripe–I just wanted to drop by and offer my support and encouragement. While I’m not as down on the corporate media as your flier suggests you folks are–the way I see it, every source of information is biased one way or another, and it’s up to us to recognize the kernels of truth among the intentionally and unintentionally slanted/biased chaff–I’m all for increasing one’s media diet, and including as many different perspectives as possible (which might explain why I stop by professor Douglas’ blog once a day or so… It’s important to know what those who disagree with you are saying, too… especially when it’s about you, directly or indirectly.)

Anyway… Good luck with all your future SIM discussions and presentations. As long as you’re getting under the skin of reactionaries like Professor Douglas, you’re probably on the right track.

Submitted for moderator approval 4/23/10, 10:51 AM (WIS blog time)...
...and subsequently (4/25, I think) rejected and moderated away without ever being posted...

(Two things... 1) I understand... Were I in any way associated with the school--and I suspect this club has a faculty advisor and whatnot, so they are--I wouldn't want this comment posted, either. You'll note above the Dr. Douglas' original post making some of these charges was disappeared, too... One can draw their own conclusions, but I know what I think... and 2) on the other hand, the "moderated comment" link made it look like mine was the third comment submitted, so maybe they're just not accepting ANY comments at this blog... (although they did accept at least one, at their initial post. And also, see 4/29/10 updates, above and below (#3 on the list of two things... Ain't it always the way...)

UPDATE: I was doing some research for another post, and stumbled across this comment from Dr. Douglas: "I'm also proud to be teaching at Long Beach City College. I'm proud of the work that I do. And I'm proud of my dedicated colleagues." One presumes that he's not including those Long Beach City College colleagues he attacks in the post linked above among those he's proud of. At least, one hopes not...

UPDATE, 4/29/10 - Not only was the comment to American Power removed, the whole post was deleted, which is some serious moderation for content.

While I'd like to think Professor Douglas made it go bye-bye on my account--something about thrashing and trashing his dishonest bullshit about the military budget, perhaps--I have a feeling it had to do with his nasty treatment of his cow-orkers... I'd think there'd be some rule against doing that kinda thing, regardless of where one works... ...but especially anyplace that relies on folks believing the "employees"--the faculty of LBCC--is competent and open to intelligently discussing and debating a variety of political and social ideas and ideals, including those with which they personally don't agree. Whether one agrees with Donald Douglas's political biases and observations or not, it doesn't project a good image of any of the professors named (including Dr. Douglas) or of the college itself to have a professor calling his colleagues "communists" and "lesbians" and "far left indoctrinators," for all the world to see.

Regardless of the reason, it was moderated away, and can only be found at that cache link posted above (and on the screencaps of it that I'll post, should I ever notice that the cache link is dead, as well...) Screencap link: American Power: Long Beach City College Premier of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story (ScreenCaps)

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