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IRT: Donald Douglas: "Halfrican" a bigoted designation, but only when said by a liberal (and regardless of the Lib's point for doing so)

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Repsac3: You can quit with the racist allegations. First, nothing Swash Zone alleges is true, so forget that. And what I've written on my own blog IS politically correct, but in no way bigoted.

As you know damned well, I love all people of all colors, races, religions, etc. I attack people on ideologocically grounds.

Finally, to keep attacking me as "Halfrican" IS racist. Show me where I've endorsed Rush Limbaugh's use of "Halfican," or where I've ever attacked Obama as "Halfican."

In sum, the bigotry is found in your desperation to get the goods on me. And you and your SWASH ZONE hordes are all about hate, as I've shown in this post on TNLib.
- American Power: TNLib at The Swash Zone: Prototypical Leftist Hatemonger, April 3, 2010 8:55 AM comment by Donald Douglas
(Donald's comment was, in turn, a non-responsive reply to my April 3, 2010 6:59 AM comment, which is also quoted in a post below.)

When I allege that you have made a bigoted comment, I also quote the comment, explain why I believe it expresses bigoted thought, and allow others to decide for themselves.

In this case, I did none of that, and expressly said that whether you is or you ain't is irrelevant to the point I intended to make, which was that--contrary to the idea that in order for you (or anyone of mixed heritage) to express bigotry you would have to tie a noose around your own neck--anyone can think, speak, or act like a bigot, no matter their heritage. (Interestingly, you neglected to address that point in your reply, either in agreement or in opposition. I'd still be interested in reading replies to the point I was actually positing, on the off chance that you or anyone else here wishes to offer one...)

I have mixed feelings about the term "Halfrican," but figured that if it was good enough for Rush, it was good enough for Rush's listeners... (True, you haven't endorsed his using it, but you haven't objected to it, either...) If you believe it is a bigoted term that Rush was using, I shall refrain from referring to you in that way again. (Hopefully, Rush will do the same.)

You are, of course, welcome to answer by again alleging that I am a bigot if you wish, though I'd appreciate it if you would be so kind as to provide examples of my bigotry, if you intend to do so. If you do not, I reserve the right to cheerfully ignore your unsubstantiated charges as unworthy of consideration...

American Power: TNLib at The Swash Zone: Prototypical Leftist Hatemonger, comment posted April 3, 2010 10:15 AM

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