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X-Post: Donald Douglas @ American Power just can't let me go

American Nihilist X-post

Sure... Donald says he wants to ban me, and yet he keeps reaching out...

Donald Douglas: Banned Hypocrite @repsac3 is down with my ban at SwashZone but feels ban at AmPow doesn't apply to him. Classic leftist d'ble standard #tcot

repsac3: If @AmPowerBlog could back his claim that I'm "down with his ban at SwashZone" with proof, he would've. Another epic fail for Dr Douglas.

Donald Douglas: "Hypocrite @repsac3 'I'm with ya. Deleting every dang trollish comment...is fine' http://tinyurl.com/398mv8f D'ble standards yo! | U R BANNED"

Now if you follow that link, it takes you to a post at The Swash Zone that discusses Donald Douglas being banned at that blog, and specifically to a comment where, referring to Donald, I say the following (in part; those interested can follow the link to read the whole comment (or for that matter, the whole post and all comments.):
"When it comes to not being welcome here, I'm with ya. Deleting every dang trollish comment he makes is fine (though as you know, in my blogging, I prefer to leave such commentary posted, as everlasting examples of the bigoted, bad behavior they are... Often I'll end up with several posts linking back to them, even, building an ever-growing library in support of my contention that bigots are bigots, and the vile things they say matter...)"
Donald apparently believes it is somehow hypocritical of me to say it was fine for the owner of The Swash Zone, who had banned Donald from his blog at some point earlier, to delete Donald's comments from the blog if he so chose. Of course, I have no idea why Donald feels this way, because I recently said something very similar to another blog owner who had banned a commenter:
repsac3: "'@ampowerblog s welcome to delete...everything I contribute to his blog if he..chooses-it is his blog, after all' Same. http://bit.ly/9puyIh"

If you follow that link (to Donald's blog American Power), you'd find the following comment from me.:
"As long as Donald Douglas is posting a public blog that accepts comments, I'm going to continue to comment on what he posts, whenever and wherever I choose. He's welcome to delete anything and everything I contribute to his blog if he so chooses--it is his blog, after all--but that won't stop me from making the contribution in the first place, and pointing out every cowardly deletion he makes (on my blog, I mean), as well."
Same sentiment, in both cases. It's fine for a blog owner to delete the comments of a banned user, whether Donald (or I, or anyone else) is the owner or the banned user... ...but (in both cases), I'd prefer that the owner didn't do so, because I believe in more speech, rather than less. No double standard. No hypocrisy. Same message.

Donald Douglas: "@repsac3 Octo says: http://tinyurl.com/24moxnl 'Without permission and despite repeated warnings, he continues to stalk' | same! U R BANNED"

Same link, full paragraph:
"The nutty professor has been a serial predator for years. Without permission and despite repeated warnings, he continues to stalk this forum … even on Christmas Day. He has violated the anonymity of bloggers by revealing their identities in public. He lashes out at anyone who does not accord him the special status he thinks he deserves. Most of all, he has a sadistic streak." - THE SWASH ZONE: THE RACIST BIGOT WHO TEACHES AT LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE
The irony... it burns... Octo (the owner of The Swash Zone) isn't talking about me; he's talking about Donald, violating the same kinda ban (and doing so on Christmas morning, no less) that Donald's now trying to enforce on me. In other words, Donald is pissed off because, ban-wise, anyway, I'm doing to him what he did to Octo. Octo said you're banned, Donald kept posting on Octo's blog. Donald said I'm banned, I'm doing the same thing he did... So I ask you... Who's the hypocrite?

repsac3: "@AmPowerBlog Of course, y'understand that when Octo said that, he was calling YOU a stalker, right? http://tinyurl.com/24moxnl"

repsac3: "@AmPowerBlog And by the way, isn't he talking about u posting at his blog after u were banned? Hypocrisy? Yep http://tinyurl.com/24moxnl"

Yep... That's exactly what Octo was talking about...
Donald Douglas has left a new comment on your post "Hatemonger Leftists":
(O)CT(O)PUS ...
I see pain and torment in your post. So, on this day I wish safety and goodness to you and yours. Merry Christmas and peace on earth.
P.S. You have not banished me. Eloy's waiting to hear from you.
[Posted by Donald Douglas to THE SWASH ZONE at 8:32 AM, December 25, 2008]
which was not long after the owner of the Swash Zone blog "banned" him. Funny, but it sure looks like Donald didn't feel the ban at the Swash Zone blog applied to him, doesn't it?
"P.S. You have not banished me." (One can almost hear the playground bully sing-songing Na-na, na-na, naaa-na... You can't stop me."

Hypocrisy, thy name is Douglas.

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