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IRT: "I truly believe Johnson thought Guam would tip and capsize."

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Respac: I believe I’m a fairly open-minded person and give people the benefit of the doubt, even Liberals, which has dubbed me a “liberal ass kisser” and a “traitor” from many on the Right. With that being said, I truly believe Johnson thought Guam would tip and capsize. Here is my reason:

In his first comment to the Admiral, Johnson states he is concerned with the island becoming over populated which could result in the island “tipping and capsizing” and he uses hand and body gestures to PROVE his point. A person making the argument of a “tipping point” would most likely not use hand and body gestures .

When the Admiral reassures Johnson that “they” don’t expect that to happen, Johnson THEN proceeds to contest using the environment, ecological system, coral reef and “stuff like that” argument.

IF Johnson’s major concern was the environment and ecological system why didn’t he present it in his opening statement?
- Law and Order Teacher: NAPOLEON WAS RIGHT! - April 7, 2010 4:22 PM comment by Pamela D. Hart

Pam: All I can say is I don't see it that way, and, at least so far, haven't heard anyone who knows the guy or was actually in that room who does see it that way.

If you want me to critique his delivery of the humorous metaphor, I'll agree that he could've done better. But not being good at delivering a humorous line isn't the same as not trying to deliver one... (Watching the video again, I thought I even detected a slight smile on his face as he makes the "tipping" motion which is, unfortunately, mostly obscured by his hands... YMMV...)

The population argument is of a piece with the environmental impact argument, rather than two separate points, and a person trying to use a metaphor for "tipping point" very well may make that motion... (It's not as though he wasn't saying the island might literally tip over; it's that he meant it figuratively, saying that the increased population and environmental impact will bring the island to it's tipping point. And watching the video again, it's pretty apparent that the guy has a little Italian in him, and says pretty much everything accompanied by hand gestures.)

It's a matter of interpretation, and I can no more prove I'm correct than can those who think he's stupid or incompetent... Should he make other statements that bring his intelligence or ability to think and reason into question, I'll revisit my position, but not having seen any myself, or heard reports of any from credible or non-biased sources, I'm comfortable believing he was trying to make a reasonable and valid point, and simply did so clumsily... evidenced by all the folks who failed to understand his intended meaning.

I find my explanation much more likely that the one some folks on the right are positing; that the people of GA failed to notice that they were electing an idiot to represent them in the House. With respect to the cynics and the sophisticates here, I prefer to have more evidence before branding anyone an idiot or believing that our crop of elected officials is full of 'em... If you believe that makes me naive or a happy idiot myself, so be it...

For all the labels I hear tossed around about libs in general or me in particular (nihilists, anti-Americans, blame America firsters), I seem to be the least "down on the US" person in this conversation... I believe we elect good men and women, and for the most part, they selflessly do their best for the country and it's citizens... (While I didn't agree with Bush or his policies, I believed the same about him, too.) Naive? yeah, maybe... But I'd much prefer to naively think the best of us and give folks the benefit of the doubt--at least until they don't deserve it anymore--rather than believe that they all suck, and America's done for... I couldn't live with that kinda cynicism, and as I said above, I feel bad for those who do...

Law and Order Teacher: NAPOLEON WAS RIGHT! - April 8, 2010 6:36 AM comment

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