Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In reply: "...a post I never agreed with in the first place..."

In reply to this comment by Octopus at American Nihilist: Donald Douglas just can't let me go


Further clarification: Octo is not the owner of the Zone but merely a group facilitator. All who are members of the Zone are owners of the Zone. The Zone is the perfect commie-socialist-liberal-hippie-commune and no match for a wingnut buffoon.

Not that I want 2 B... ...erm... sorry... to be all negative, but dude, I don't recall having a vote--or even being notified a vote was taking place--as regards my summary dismissal as an author over there. And maybe I should be a better guy or more of a "manly man" about the whole thing, but it kinda hurt my feelings. (And deleting the 31st comment, as well as any record that it ever existed, didn't help, either.)

To me, Donald represents the nutbag right, and by slapping him down, I slap down all who think like him, too. It's his narcissism and pomposity that makes him such a great target... He's smart enough to try to debate--where many on the right don't seem to be, and just mutter some bullshit nasty phrase about socialism or "the red menace" that they heard on FoxNews or Rush--and no matter how badly he loses, his ego tells him he's won, so he keeps coming back to get his ass kicked again.

Besides, the way he beats up on people--the ones over on the American Nihilist blogroll, fer'instance--offends me. I really dislike bullies. So I toss punches back his way...

I understand that you don't get it, and you don't like it, and you think I shouldn't bother... And I even get that that's why we're no longer co-authors on either blog... And that's fine, if that's how strongly you felt about it... But I think I've written some good posts about a whole lotta issues as a byproduct of popping this overstuffed gasbag, and I enjoy doing it, besides... ...so stop with the intervention... Considering the fact that you turned tail and left me to endlessly speak up for and defend this friggin' post where you out his bosses and all but suggest folks harass them--a post I never agreed with in the first place, but felt you had the right to post here, regardless--and that while I'm sticking up for your right to post, you're quietly removing my Swash Zone authorship and later deleting that comment--Octo... you''ll forgive me if I don't take your advice as seriously as I otherwise might, or feel the need to justify much of anything I choose to do here...

That said, your advice is noted.
Maybe I'll even take it, one day... We shall see...

Posted April 27, 2010, 1:23 PM

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