Monday, April 26, 2010

IRT: Don't Delete; repeat!!

In reply to this comment and this one, at the American Nihilist blogpost "Donald Douglas just can't let me go"

ex DLB: As to your first point, yeah, there is also some irony in the fact that I later said I thought it was inappropriate and over the top to contact the folks Donald works for (it was almost like Donald and I were on the same side, there, though he keeps claiming the opposite is true)...

And yes, I wouldn't put that kinda skillful/misleading edit past Donald, either. (I recall reading/commenting on Jake Tapper pulling something like that--though damned if I can find it now--where he quoted only a fragment of what the guy said (which of course, meant the opposite of what the guy actually said) as though it was truth. (Not Truth, but truth, if ya know what I mean...) In the same post he said something like "I just don't think this administration would start lying so soon," and I asked him via comment whether it'd be ethical of me to post a blaring headline on my blog saying "Jake Tapper admits to not using intelligence when he writes!! Says 'I just don't think...' in his blog." If I remember correctly, it was deleted from the comment stream.)

So no, I'm not one to delete much of anything... Good comments (by which I mean, on topic, respectful ones, whether they agree with me or not) spark discussion and debate, and evil, nasty, trollish ones make great "bad" examples.

I delete spam on sight, however... unless some other contributor makes a comment about it before I get to it... (just in case you happen to know of anyone who's done that somewhere's, recently... 8>)

People can run their blogs any way they wish--and I get that there's a cost to having bigoted or insulting stuff on your blog, even when you leave it there just for the purpose of repudiating it, so I don't really blame anyone for taking a different approach than I do--but I believe in shining a light on bigots and other kinds of assholes, rather than hiding their words and deeds away... Sometimes it's good to be offended, because it give you impetus to do something about those things that offend you.

I'm far more likely to repeat a blog post or comment I find offensive--so that other folks can be offended by it too--rather than deleting it. (I guess I have my "sunshine as disinfectant" slogan: Don't delete; Repeat!!)

Milage may vary, of course... and no malice to those who see it differently... Everyone has to travel their own road...

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