Thursday, April 08, 2010

IRT: "...what's really going on in this country: the robots leading imbeciles."

In reply to: The Oracular Opinion: If I Hear One More Stupid Politician—I’m Going To Lose My Mind! - April 7, 2010 5:19 PM comment, by grannywithapitchfork

First of all, repsac3, the right has to have a sense of humor just to exist in this world.

I'd think that's true of everyone, Granny... But the fact remains that it's often the failure to comprehend the joke (or even that it was a joke) that sets some conservatives off on an "I'm offended" rant. And having seen what passes for conservative humor... well, let's just leave it at that...

Secondly, I watched the thing 3.5 times, which was all I could stomach.

How sad for you, that watching a man speak so affects you...

The man can't string two words together, and how he ever got elected I cannot fathom.

I'm guessing that folks who think he's an idiot think the people of GA are idiots too, on the grounds that they elected him... YMMV... Personally, I find that offensive, but perhaps you'll luck out, and the folks in GA that you're calling idiots will be too stupid to notice that you folks are insulting them...

Maybe it was one of those "teachable moments" that they're all so proud of.

I don't even know what that means, but it kinda reads like another insult to the folks of GA... If so, see above.

If "at no time" did you "get the impression that the man actually thought an island could or would tip over" then you must have been watching it with your eyes closed.

If you say so... (though the fact that I make reference to the gestures he made and whatnot kinda make that a pretty dumb theory...)

If you're going to be an apologist for the left...

I'm not apologizing for anyone, Granny... I'm flat out saying I think you're interpretation is mistaken.

...maybe you should pay more attention to what's really going on in this country: the robots leading imbeciles.

That's the saddest part of it all... You folks claim to love the country, but you sure don't seem to like the people very much... All I keep reading is how the folks in government are idiots, the American people are imbiciles... Damned sad... I can't imagine how folks who feel so poorly about us all even manage to get through the day...

Me, I love this country, the government we created and keep, and the vast majority of the folks in it, as well... While some claim that makes me naive, I'd much rather be a believer and a patriot than the cynics and naysayers I see bitching about everyone and everything...

I'll pray for you.

Why thank you!! (That's the first pleasant thing you've said all comment.) I'll pray for you, as well... (I"d tell you to have a nice day, but given all the piss and vinegar, I'm not sure you're able...) Try and think a happy thought or two, at least... America and the folks who live here really aren't so bad as you imagine...

The Oracular Opinion: If I Hear One More Stupid Politician—I’m Going To Lose My Mind! - April 8, 2010 2:41 PM

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