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IRT: "The less these people plague the nation with their stupidity the better for all of us."

In reply to: Law and Order Teacher: NAPOLEON WAS RIGHT! - April 6, 2010 9:45 PM comment by Law and Order Teacher

"This guy is not competent to be in congress if he is too sick to speak clearly or think clearly."

I'm not making the "too sick" argument; I'm saying he's no more or less competent than anyone else in that room, and just tried to make a point with a "tipping over/tipping point" metaphor that many misunderstood--in some cases intentionally and willfully misunderstood, in the name of partisan politics.

But I'll go this far with ya... If he is in fact too sick to do the job, he shouldn't be serving. (He wouldn't be the first or only elected official I felt this way about, up to and including a well venerated and much celebrated Republican President who served during my lifetime...)

"I don't have a lot respect for most politicians of any political stripe. The less of them the better. The less these people plague the nation with their stupidity the better for all of us."

I always feel bad when I see folks on the right talk that way about the US government and the people we elect--and by extension, the people who do the voting, as well. I'm not saying elected officials are geniuses or Gods, but given all it takes to get elected and to serve, by and large, they ain't stupid, either. (It also makes me wonder why so many who feel this way about government and elected office turn around and work for or around elected officials or government--and in some cases actually run for elected office themselves.)

In this regard, we disagree... I believe that the people who run and who serve are intelligent and giving Americans who are doing what they can to protect and defend the country and our way of life... matter which party they hail from. (That's not to say I don't disagree with some of 'em, politically or personally, but I neither think them stupid or un-American for believing in a different political philosophy than I do. Wrong, yes. Stupid, no.) I can't be so cynical as to think our government is made up of fools out to get us, and I feel kinda bad for those who are and who do...

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