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X-Post: Donald Douglas Hate, Racism, and Lies

In which Donald Douglas at the blog American Power: Democrat Party of Hate and Racism makes a pair of contradictory and conspiratorial allegations of racism against yours truly, in spite of documented evidence to the contrary.

The post begins with Donald posting a video that contains recordings of nasty calls allegedly received by FreedomWorks, and photos of over the top anti-republican signs. Assuming they're not propaganda, I'd imagine that most people would reject that kinda talk, just as we do when folks on the right engage in it. Along with the video though, Donald Douglas posts the following unsubstantiated bullshit about the folks he hates today.:

Extreme hatred warning, not unlike the searing demonology we get from Scott Kaufman, The "Boogie Nights" Boy, and TBogg (just for starters)
Now, anyone who's curious is welcome to follow those links to the home pages of the blogs Lawyers, Guns and Money - where Scott Kaufman is one of several bloggers, Brain Rage, where James B. Webb--who Donald Douglas has taken to calling "Boogie Nights Boy" of late, for reasons that are clear only to him--is the one and only writer, and TBogg's author page at Firedoglake; and maybe, if you don't happen to share their politics, you'll even find something on one of their home pages that strikes you as offensive, but it's telling that Donald Douglas didn't even bother to try and link to any specific "searing demonology" (or hatred, or racism) by any of these writers. Apparently Mr Douglas feels that you're just supposed to believe whatever he says. That's right; Donald's ego is so large that he thinks if he says it, everyone will just accept it, and evidence backing whatever claim he makes should be wholly unnecessary. That's some serious pomposity.
And racism too, from Repsac3, who's obviously created a dummy Twitter account to make vile racist attacks on conservatives:
Obviously, Donald? Based on what? The voices in your head?

The facts about this are well documented, and Donald should be well aware of them, after the last time he launched an attack on me based on actions of this conservative and bigoted clown.

Anyone interested can follow the "documented facts" link above for the full story, but in a nutshell: There is was a person on Twitter using the name TrappedRoom, who followed all the big name Cons and lists (#tcot), and trolled liberals who argued with Andrew Breitbart (#andrewbreitbart) by sending them odd (and in several cases, including mine, bigoted) pictures, which were posted to a TwitPic account. (Sometime last night, the Twitter account for TrappedRoom disappeared, but the Twitpic account is still up (and I have screen caps, in case it also shuts down.)

So Donald is attempting to sell a conspiracy theory alleging that I created a dummy account on Twitter to frame poor @andrewbreitbart with having a bigoted conservative fan named TrappedRoom who trolls liberals who argue with him on twitter, and that I sent all eighty-seven of these photos to myself and my liberal friends. Right. And he expects people to believe this because...

...well, he doesn't say why, or provide anything in the way of evidence, aside a link to my tweet linking @andrewbreitbart to @trappedroom, the guy who sent the photo to me. (And I added a comment to the photo page, with a link to the "documented proof" post above. After I post this, I'll add a link to it, as well.) He's Donald Douglas. He just expects you to believe him.

Or does he?

Apparently, even Donald figured out that this was too big and ridiculous a load for even his most sycophantic readers to swallow, because he subsequently added the following:
Added: Evil loves company ... turns out Repsac3's forwarding a career troll-spammer's racist tweets. Takes one to re-tweet one, I guess.
(When Donald posted it, the "career troll spammer" link went to TrappedRoom's Twitter account page but, seeing as how that account's closed, you can get much of the same info from the TrappedRoom twitpic account page info I changed it to.)
So here, Donald Douglas changes the story; acknowledging that the guy was a career troll spammer (who, one presumes from the context, isn't me any longer, according to Donald), and alleging that I'm only forwarding his racist tweets. (Of course, Donald fails to mention that when I "forwarded" the tweet, I was only doing so in the name of shining a light on this conservative, and drawing attention to his ties to Breitbart/conservative fandom, and to his pretty obvious bigotry. But why should he? Those facts don't fit the false narrative Donald is trying in vain to weave.)

The illogic and hypocrisy here is pretty astounding... After a start so blatantly dishonest that even Donald knew enough to change it, Mr Douglas is attacking me for forwarding a racist twitterpic... and he's mounting that attack by posting the racist twitterpic on his American Power blog, where even more people can see it... (And let's not forget that a few days ago, Donald linked to the very same racist picture in yet another American Power blog post attacking me.)

So here's the question: If Donald believes it's wrong for me to use this conservative troll's bigoted photo to shine a spotlight on his racism (and thus show that yes, there really is at least one racist conservative/Breitbart fan), why does Donald believe it's acceptable for him to repeatedly use the exact same bigoted photo to attack me? If "forwarding" the link to the photo makes me a racist, wouldn't Donald Douglas be a racist for posting both the link and the photo itself on his American Power blog? Wouldn't the same standard to which he's holding me apply to him, as well? Or does he believe there are different standards, dependent on political bias?

The answer to that is too obvious for words... Donald Douglas is a lying hypocrite.

A lying hypocrite who apparently cannot even make up his mind which lie he wants to tell:

@AmPowerBlog: I guess @repsac3 took down @TrappedRoom. Must be hard out there for a racist. In response to my post: #News #p2

Oops!! Guess I was wrong... Donald didn't realize out how ridiculous--and more importantly, fact free--a story that was (or maybe he figured that with the account gone, there wasn't enough evidence for anyone to challenge him on the lies--ignoring the fact that since he's the one making these twin allegations, the burden of proof rests on him to back them up with more than just his fabulist speculation.)

Check the facts, and decide for yourselves... But I trust that you'll come to the conclusion that once again, Donald Douglas is the lying double-plus hypocrite and all-around character assassin he accuses his many enemies of being. And that ain't good...

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