Tuesday, April 06, 2010

IRT: Those Seething Toxic Dumps of Hatred We find Intelligent and Worth Listening to

In reply to: PARSLEY'S PICS: Don"t speak English, speak "Teabonics" - Law and Order Teacher's 4/5/10 10:06 PM comment

"The reason I read tnlib is I respect her intelligence, she may be a little misguided, but obviously intelligent and worth listening to. :)"

So, not a "seething toxic dump of leftist hatred," then... That's what I think, as well...

I'm only suggesting that you be so kind as to say so, the next time someone says otherwise about a liberal blogger you find intelligent and/or worth listening to... Your reply to Dr. D's characterization of tnlib seemed a little wanting, if not outright vague/actually misleading on the subject... (It almost seemed as though you were implying that her site was among those with the name-calling and the vitriol... Fortunately, I knew better, but there's a whole lotta folks there--perhaps including Dr. D., himself--who likely don't know that you frequent this and other bloggers and sites identified as hateful and hurtful dens of anti-americanism and godlessness by Mr Douglas and others like him, and that you not only live to tell the tale, but quite enjoy your time among we elites, and come by kinda regularly...)

I guess what I'm saying is that it'd be a better world if we stood up for the people whose company we appreciate and enjoy, whether or not we agree with them politically...

Oh... I don't really believe that over-populated/over-developed islands really are prone to sinking, either...(Just in case you failed to pick up on my deadpan "Johnsonesque" humor in my recent comment on your blog...)

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