Saturday, April 24, 2010

In reply : American Power: James B. Webb (Anti-JBW ad hom deleted)

In reply to: American Power: James B. Webb All-Talk (Non) Political Analyst Pwned: Word Bro ... Atheist Megalomaniac EPIC FAIL on Intellectual Substance

Donald Douglas: "You told me not to comment on your blog some time ago, and I have observed your rules. But when Repsac3 stalks and taunts American Power with genuine racist insults, when he refuses to observe my rules and common decency, you're down with that ... of course you're into racist photoshopping and cyberstalking, so NST, yo!"
I'll lay dollars to doughnuts that what Don is referring to is when James Webb told him not to leave off-topic comments and links over at Brain Rage, but Donald's excuse sounds so much better... (Like James said in the comment to which Don's referring, anyone and everyone is free to leave comments there... long as they're on topic.)

Genuine racist insults: Golly, I love when the answer is right there in the link Donald himself posts... It makes him look that much more foolish. He knows he's lying... He knows that my use of the term was a response to Rush using it, and to Donald's golden silence to it when a fellow Con Republican referred to him that way... He knows, and yet he tries to paint me as a bigot, while simultaneously giving Rush a pass... Hypocrisy, thy name is (still) Douglas.

From the link above: "I have mixed feelings about the term "Halfrican," but figured that if it was good enough for Rush, it was good enough for Rush's listeners... (True, you haven't endorsed his using it, but you haven't objected to it, either...) If you believe it is a bigoted term that Rush was using, I shall refrain from referring to you in that way again. (Hopefully, Rush will do the same.)

You are, of course, welcome to answer by again alleging that I am a bigot if you wish, though I'd appreciate it if you would be so kind as to provide examples of my bigotry, if you intend to do so. If you do not, I reserve the right to cheerfully ignore your unsubstantiated charges as unworthy of consideration..."

Refuses to observe my rules and common decency: I'm perfectly decent, and generally nicer to folks of all stripes than many who post/comment at American Power, including the host. But it's a public blog, and accepts comments from anyone who reads what Donald puts there. Whether he likes it or not, I'm one of those people. If he wants a private clubhouse, he's welcome to have one, but when he puts his (or other folks') words and pictures out there for public consumption, he ought to expect that members of the public will reply, and that includes me... (...especially when he goes to all the trouble of mentioning me by name, and with links'n'all...)

And by the by, I don't think James ever expressed support for either my use of Rush's term for mixed race folks like Donald and the Prez, or my decision to make Donald delete my comments (rather than sheepishly not posting them because he verbally "banned" me from his public blog). In fact, I'd be kinda surprised if he went to the trouble of coming out in favor of either one...

I'll leave James to respond to/ignore the rest of Donald's "manly man" rant as he sees fit. (...on his own blog, I guess, because the "manly man" removed the comment section from his post, so that James can't kick Don's ass there in front of all his "friends." That's some kinda courage for such a tough talker...)


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