Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Donald Douglas "Stalks" My Twitter Feed, Loses His Shit Over 5 Reminders in 7 Days

A quick reply to Donald Douglas' latest attempted attack: "American Power: Walter James Casper III, Hate-Blogger and Internet Stalker, Harasses Gay-Politics Activist Evan Hurst on Twitter"

When you haven't got facts, I guess this is the kind of bullshit you throw.

On July 26th, a writer named Evan Hurst posted an article on Truth Wins Out saying that, while it might be emotionally satisfying to see politicians stand up to the anti-gay bigotry expressed by Dan Cathy's / Chick-fil-A's donation history and attitudes toward against gay folks, what those few politicians said in response goes against our American values. He even tweeted about it:

On July 27th, noticing that the article was no longer on the site, I sent Evan Hurst a tweet asking about it.

Evan replied on the 29th, offering to send me a copy. I said yes please and thank you, and gave the man my e-mail address. And then, nothing happened...

I sent Mr. Hurst a reminder tweet on 7/30, 8/1, 8/2, and 8/3. Evan responded later on 8/3, very apologetic, and promising to send it out the next day... ...which he did not.

So on 8/5, I tweeted the man another reminder. (And for the record, it is now 8/7, and I still haven't received the article. Either Evan really doesn't want to send it to me and doesn't want to say so for some reason, or he really is a very busy (and perhaps forgetful or unorganized) guy.)

So that's the story. Why it is any of Dr. Douglas' business is anyone's guess. But attack he must, so attack he does. But, pretty much as usual, Donald is way off base and flailing. Far from complaining about harassment or anything else, Evan Hurst has been apologetic for not following through... Not that the truth matters one whit to Dr. Douglas. He couldn't care less about the guy --who I'm sure he'd label a "buttfreak hatemongering godless douchenozzle" or some such thing, where he posting about the guy in any other context. Donald Douglas doesn't give a shit about Evan Hurst or any other part of this story...except his believing he can use it and Mr. Hurst as tools to lash out at me...

In a way, I understand. Dr. Douglas' most recent posts in his voluminous "I hate repsac3" series of attacks have all proven to be the product of his own vivid but hate-inspired imagination...

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...and so he tries lashing out with this nonsense...

And just as an aside... A guy lashing out with this many unprovoked and largely personal attacks in this short a period probably shouldn't be talking too much about obsession, stalking, or harassment... I'm just sayin'...

Also... Didn't Donald recently accuse me of "stalking" for reading his tweets?
It isn't of course, whether I'm reading his or he's reading mine--they are publicly posted, after all--but it just goes to show that Donald lacks the strength to adhere to even his own expressed convictions. "The rules apply to thee, but not to me." Surprised? Not in the least. Hypocrisy has long been Donald Douglas' middle name.

And one last point: You'll note that almost all of my posts discussing the guy are responses to his attacks on me. For all his whining to the contrary and painting himself as a victim, Donald Douglas is almost always the aggressor. I'd throw a lot fewer knockout punches, if he didn't swing at me and miss so often first.

The poor guy really is scraping the bottom of the barrel these days, though... There doesn't seem to be a lie he won't tell, or a story he won't invent, if it means soothing his poor bruised ego.

Just another added to the long list of failed attacks:
American Power: Walter James Casper III, Hate-Blogger and Internet Stalker, Harasses Gay-Politics Activist Evan Hurst on Twitter

Wordle: Hate-Blogger Attacks Wordle: Intimidation Way

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