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X-Post: That guy Pretends "NeoCon" Means "Jewish" in Yet Another Failed Attempt to Attack Liberals

Only one of us used the word "Jewish..." ...and it wasn't me.
In fact, if the guy were to've read the linked Mother Jones post, he might've read that the whole "Neocon" means Jewish" canard is what's actually anti-Semitic. (not to mention as phony as a three dollar bill, as that guy's own neocon self proves... Whatever he may be, it's pretty obvious that the guy is not Jewish. If he were, he'd be using it to claim every disagreement with him is proof of anti-Semitism.)
"Neocons exist. They're neither shadowy nor conspiratorial. They're part of an actual political movement with a very visible public profile. They tend to be hawkish, solicitous of Israel's right wing, hostile toward Arabs, and they played a big role in committing the United States to a disastrous war in Iraq. That's just reality, and the mere fact that many neocons are Jewish doesn't give them a magic shield that protects them from criticism.

There's nothing anti-Semitic in Dowd's column. She just doesn't like neocons, and she doesn't like the fact that so many of the neocons responsible for the Iraq debacle are now advisors to Mitt Romney's campaign. Pretending that this makes her guilty of hate-mongering toward Jews is reprehensible."

Like his "Octopus" freak-out back in January, that guy (by way of quote) says that "...depictions of Jews as snakes or puppeteers are classical anti-Semitic images, right up there with blood-sucking..." Now, anti-Semites have used octopuses, snakes, and puppeteers to individually or collectively attack folks who are Jewish. But it does not follow that therefore ALL references to octopuses, snakes or puppeteers are ipso facto anti-Semitic, and suggesting that it is--that one cannot say someone behaved like a snake without it being anti-Semitic--is itself kinda bigoted. It is not automatically anti-Semitic to refer to someone as an octopus, or a snake, or a puppeteer. It is not automatically anti-Semitic to criticize a Jewish person, EVEN by saying that person is a snake, or an octopus, or a puppeteer, any more than it's raaaaacist to call a black man a clown, that attending an anti-war demonstration makes one a socialist, or supporting the stated goals of the Occupy movement makes one an anti-Semite.

Guilt by association, sweeping generalizations--whether about folks you don't agree with, or folks that you do--or pretending that highlighting one attribute shared by two (or more) otherwise different individuals or groups makes those two (or more) individuals or groups practically identical (Take for example, pacifist priests who protest against war because they believe God opposed man killing man vs anarchists who protest war because they believe no government has the right to send people to kill and die, vs those who protest a specific war because they believe the reasons given for that war go against our American values. One can treat them as though they're all the same, and denigrate them all as anti-American, or whatever... ...but the bullshit in that approach is obvious.) While propagandists will employ one, two, or even all three of these tactics to lash out at those with whom they disagree, they are all plainly and obviously nonsensical ploys that cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny.

And all that aside, the only person equating neocons with Jews is that guy... My tweet and the article to which it referred specifically says neoconservatism is a political movement and NOT a substitute for the word "Jewish." If anyone is slandering the Jewish people by calling them neocons (or is it "slandering neocons by calling them Jewish"?), it isn't me...

And lest anyone forget, that guy is the one who created the "Sasquatch Israel" myth out of whole cloth, in yet another failed attempt to attack all liberals (or at least a whole lot of them) as anti-Semites. This is what desperate, despicable liars do...

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If I'm not mistaken, the guy's last attack on me was August 6th... I was beginning to think he'd finally wised up... but of course not... He's that guy. He cannot resist lashing out with these lies. He's that guy. 'nuff said.

UPDATED: The guy finds a friend sycophant:

@WarEagle8055 never actually says why he calls me an "antisemite" --he didn't bother to respond when I pointed out a few of the flaws in his tweet, leaving me to surmise that rather than taking the time to think for himself, he just lapped up and regurgitated whatever the guy told him, thought unthunk...which kinda makes one feel sorry for the guy, given that guy's historical record with, well, facts...

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