Tuesday, June 18, 2013

X-Post: Yes, Our Obsessed Creepy-Clown Stalker Dishonest Donald Douglas Is Back To His Old Tricks...

...to the tune of five posts in under 48 hours--(four of them unprovoked by anything aside the voices in his head and the fervent desire to be perceived as a victim by his contemporaries)--but then, what else is new? He can only resist for so long, and the forty-three thirty-three* days he managed to avoid lashing out was probably darn near the longest he's ever gone... [*Dishonest Donald Douglas himself went to great pains to point out that I had missed two tweets he posted on June 5th, making him ten days and two posts more obsessed and creepy than I originally thought. He seems awful proud of it, too.]

For those curious: American Power: Disgusting Troll Rights Harassment Blogger Continues Lying About Years-Long Campaign of Intimidation

To anyone who's read more than a few posts at American Nihilist, it's 99% classic Donald Kent Douglas boilerplate paranoid ranting, offering "facts" that have been debunked over and over again on the pages of this blog, most thoroughly here: BTDT FAQ Files - Workplace Harassment and here: Obsessed much, Dr. Douglas?. And aside these two comments posted to an American Power post less than a minute apart back in March, everything I said in this post back in January is still true. Dr. Douglas is still whining and shrieking and gnashing his teeth about shit that happened years ago and that seemingly everyone except him has long since gotten over and largely forgotten about. I mean Tiny Tim on a taco, this is my first AmNi post since April--the last time Dr. Douglas lashed out at me.... For reasons I leave to the readers to deduce for themselves--because I have no fucking idea--Donald Kent Douglas insists on perpetuating these years old conflicts. Obviously I'm biased...but this whole obsession with me and things that happened back in 2009-2012 makes ol' Don look awful pathetic and desperate for attention. YMMV...

As for that final 1%, I'm all but certain that no "henchmen" here have at any time been "exposed as homosexuals, perverts, and criminal harassers," and that this is just another example of Dr. Douglas' famous ad hom in lieu of an actual argument (not to mention his nasty habit of using homosexuality as though it's some kind of slur.) If any henchmen past or present have anything to confess in this regard, however, we're all ears...

An American Nihilist x-post

Additional commentary from American Nihilist post:

No Carl... Pretty much all I hear about Donald Douglas these days comes from Donald Douglas. While I'm sure--or at least, sure he'd claim-- his many followers and fans are sending him supportive e-mails and direct tweets in private, it looks to me like no one is talking much about Donald Douglas, for or against, anymore...

I know he's alienated some who profess to support the same political side he does, but for the most part even that's old news.

He's got his little circle--and like I said, he seems to be using me to help cement his "I've been a victim of liberal harassment too,"--but I suspect that even most of them see right through his claims and know he doesn't actually have the goods, because unlike them, he doesn't provide links, quotes, citations, official records, etc.--but for the most part, no one cares, anymore.

So no... I haven't heard anything...but the idea that people (political enemies, political friends, the sane) are pissed off at Dishonest Don doesn't surprise me at all. He ain't all that endearing... - June 18, 2013 at 4:04 PM

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