Monday, September 23, 2013

In Reply: Reagan Statue Vandalism Despicable, But So Is Lying About Why's Responsible (NY Daily News)

In reply to Ronald Reagan statue vandalized in Southern California - NY Daily News -- Vandalism is awful, no matter the reason. But it's disappointing to see some on the right blaming "the left" with absolutely zero evidence. IF it does turn out to be an act borne of political animus, that would be terrible, and deserving of swift punishment. (Whether you think it would deserve MORE punishment than if it was committed by drunk teenagers or a mentally unstable person depends on your politics and your views on how much or little motive counts when one commits a criminal act.) But to blame anyone or ascribe any motive without facts to back it up in the name of political partisanship is pretty despicable, as well. -- Posted Monday, 9/23/13, 9:40 PM (Supporting links and updates to the story to follow)

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