Tuesday, October 08, 2013

In Reply: Conservative Site Vehemently Defends Anti-War Protesters (because Obama)

In reply to: Clarifying A Developing Story Turned Faux-Outrage….. Veterans Arrested At War Memorial ? It’s not DC, it’s NYC !! It’s not what it appears…. | The Last Refuge:

Maybe the source you list above was vague or tried to make folks believe something that wasn't true, but the truth was out there, including from the protesters themselves on Monday morning: Veterans to Face Arrest at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza | PopularResistance.Org

The Atlantic's story about it was pretty clear, as well: Police Arrest Vietnam Veterans at NYC Memorial - Brian Feldman - The Atlantic Wire

Nevertheless, at least one conservative site didn't see the big picture and--despite knowing it happened in NYC, blamed Obama for beating up on those patriotic vets: Outrage! Obama has Vietnam Veterans arrested in New York

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ADDED: It isn't like I didn't try to tell the blogger at Fire Andrea Mitchell. S/He just didn't seem to want to hear it...or let anyone else know s/he had, either:

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