Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Reply: Voting is a Pleasure (isn't it?)

A comment (revised and extended, here) left at the NY Times in reply to: Spain's R-Rated Election Campaign, a piece that in part discusses the following ad:

(The tagline reads "Voting is a pleasure", and is the slogan of the Young Socialists of Catalonia, who ran the ad.)

I don't know what ad the author was watching, but I seem to recall a series of women's shampoo/conditioner ads (I'd name the company, but I don't want to run afoul of any rules that would keep my comment from being posted) ((Herbal Essences, by Clairol)) that seemed more suggestive, and they played constantly on broadcast TV here in the US, with no "R" rating or much of any complaint from our more socially conservative brethren.

I don't know what people in Spain are like, but as for here in the US, the "voting is a pleasure" ad really doesn't seem all that different from what we regularly see on broadcast TV. I think it's a great ad, and not offensive at all... (...especially not when compared to the internet video game ad with the candidate on a seagull bombing illegal immigrants.) As another person wrote at the NY Times site, I'd rather see this positive message, suggestiveness and all, rather than the barrage of negative campaign ads we Americans are hit with throughout our election seasons (and the ads for 2012 should be starting any day. Joy.)

There were several of those... but this one below (which came after those, as I recall), was prolly my favorite.

h/t: American Power (who seems to be among those who disapprove--which is kinda odd, given the "rule 5" softcore T'n'A and suggestive keywords he and his fellow "conservatives" use to draw hits (though not necessarily politically interested readers) to their blogs.)
Also: memeorandum

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